Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Ups and Downs of November Weather

November is a very odd weather month.  Every day this week it's been something different.  Monday was bitterly cold with snatches of flurries - actually more like speckles of ice dust.  In the centre of the photo out over Lake Ontario you can see one of these pale little storm pockets.

On Tuesday, the air was still and cold. The kayakers were out, paddling their way up 16 Mile Creek.

Down by the Lake, the light was odd and so very clear.  I could make out the tower of Niagara Falls and the plume of mist from the Falls.

 It really appeared as if one weather system was ready to sit on another.

This was taken with my mighty 12X optical zoom.  It would appear that CN tower has been off its carbs for a couple of tall and slim.

On Wednesday, Lake Ontario sounded like a great lake.   These two were the only shots I took - I beat a hasty retreat back to town where it was less cold and windy.

And then today - the sun came out and it was a delight to escort Mr. Bart to town.  Pretty roses I'd ignored earlier in the week when I had my hat pulled low on my head, almost seemed to lean out over the fence to say hello.

16 Mile Creek looked like a place that you'd want to paddle on today - alas, no paddlers.

We have some of the prettiest and well put together public gardens.  This is at our Navy Street Library. Why don't more of us plant these Nipponanthemum nipponicum? Who doesn't want flowers in their garden in November - especially those with nine syllables.

Hard to believe that I'm just steps away from where I took the fierce water photo the day before.

As luck would have it, we're scheduled for more sunshine and warmth.  I'm sending out my promise to the universe, that I will indeed plant the remaining bulbs this weekend, after all, who knows what next Monday's weather will bring.


Barry said...

Alas, I have been buried beneath the blankets for the past day and a half with that dreaded COLD that is making its way round! That nine syllable plant, Nippon..... was one of the star attractions on the benches of the nursery in October when it started to bloom. A wonderful client had given us cuttings early in the year but did not know the name of the plant. Greens and Christmas trees on the horizon in the next week at work so I best get over this cold. Hope all is well with you!

Barbarapc said...

Oh Barry, how dreadful - the Two Week Cold. Take it very seriously - glad you've gone into hiding. The weather has been dancing on my brain - more migraines, but much better than in years past. Hear that the Christmas decor is going to be much more old-fashioned and rustic. Lots of red and green and a little less disco. A neighbour dispatched his dead birch clump and I managed to scoop some of the branches - can't put them in a pot - think they look too much like giant cigarettes, but will use them on the dining room table in my annual display. Hope you feel better soon.

Northern Shade said...

There's a nice contrast in your photos, between the days when you enjoy being out gardening, and the days when you want to use that birch wood in your fireplace to keep warm.

I really like the sunny photo of 16 mile creek with the quiet reflections in the water. I'm pining for the golden days of fall colours, since we now have an extra thick white blanket that is here until spring.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barb are SO going to have a laugh at me. I have come to your blog many a time and thought "why all of these pictures ? what happened to her blog? How can I leave reply!!" .. now how stupid can I get ? instead of trying a cue on a picture I didn't think !
I love your all of your pictures here but especially that beautiful rose : )
Thanks for dropping by my blog girl .. glad to see you and glad to have figured this out!! LOL

Barbarapc said...

It really has been a November week of weather - and now I hear it's going to be 16C on Sunday. Can't ever remember a Remembrance Day that was sunny and pleasant. I'm going to make the best of it, because before too long, I'll be looking out at a sea of white too.

Barbarapc said...

Joy, that is exactly the sort of thing that would have happened to me. Great, though still much to learn, minds think alike. You would have enjoyed watching me try to open a liquid soap bottle earlier in the day. Still not absolutely certain how I did it - was it the 49th or 50th spin of the top, the less than lady-like words, the leaning while snarling and turning of the top? All I know, is that it's open and I'm going to make it last a very long time.

Take good care. B. said...

November can be very fickle. Yesterday I was out feed ing the fish in the pond and today I'll be spending a few hours shoveling the snow off the driveway. With a little luck it will all melt away in a few days.

Kim and Victoria said...

Such pretty pictures. It's been a week of cold snap here; all the lovely fall leaves are on the ground, our garden looks like mush, just like that.

Gail said...

What a beautiful November you've had and what a lovely place to walk! Your part of the gardening world looks wonderful in all the seasons~Although, I might get tired of the snow. Hoe you got your bulbs planted. gail

Jennifer said...

November has certainly been a month of very mixed weather. Sadly, I was busy on the warmest of this month's days and now have to brave the cold to get the last few bulbs in.

Barbarapc said...

You are so right. First snow yesterday on the last day of the month - Sunday they're predicting a real slosh of rain. Looks like this yo-yo weather is going to continue right into mid-December. B.

Barbarapc said...

Our first real cold was yesterday - the last day of November - we found ourselves in the middle of a small band of snow. Something about the first real snowfall, a good meal and a fire that just seems to help make winter feel like it is a season to be cherished.

Barbarapc said...

It is Gail, but I think much prettier when it's not quite so slushy as it's becoming today. The bulb fairies have granted me one more chance to get the bulbs in the ground - Tuesday - it will be 13C (about 55F) - if I don't get them in then, I suspect the fairy will pay me a visit with a club and whack me on the head for missing such a good opportunity.

Barbarapc said...

Fortunately - Tuesday is being sent to us as a bulb-get-in-the-ground-gift day - will be thinking of you as I am toiling away! B.


Beautiful photos, Barbara!