Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weird, Mild, and Wild Weather

It's been a roller coaster week of weather - warm enough last weekend to sit on the back steps with a sweater and a cup of coffee - followed by rain, then snow, then melt, then snow and finally this a.m. we're having 90 kilometre winds and a promise tomorrow of temperatures in the -21C (-6F) range.  If this doesn't test a plant's ability to thrive in difficult conditions, I don't know what will.

During the warmth of last weekend walked around the back garden and took these photos of my not-that-hardy Hydrangea quercifolia (perhaps 'Alice'?).  It holds onto its leaves and doesn't colour dark burgundy crimson like the species does.  I suspect this may be the week that kills off those buds that would have been flowers next year.

Carex 'Ice Dance' beside a little mini that I can't name just at the moment.

Really an excellent plant.

Out in the front garden I found this little Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' that I'd purchased from the Royal Botanical Gardens.  I shudder to think what the ice and cold may be doing to it.

Ditto for this felty crown.

May I direct your attention to the lower right hand side of the photograph - yes, it's a flower bud on the Hellebore.

If everyone had new windows, no one would know what frost painting looked like, would they?

Not a lot of snow later in the week - just enough to change the look of the garden.

Ashes of our dear Agatha rest below.

Carex 'Ice Dance' winter interest......

And then this a.m.  Winds from the north speeding the cold front to our front door.

Standoff continues down by the lake.

Had hoped for smashing waves, but with the wind from the north,

it barely shivered.   Silly me.  The combination of the wind direction and gorgeous sunshine fooled me into thinking what a lovely day it was.  I was set straight when I started back into the wind to the car.  Sooooo bitterly cold.  I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am to be back home where it's warm and cozy.  Bring on the coffee and seed catalogues - I'm planting myself by the fire for the rest of the day.


scottweberpdx said...

I remember cold days like that...brrrrr! Keep warm, spring is just around the corner now :-)

Jennifer said...

I think Scott is trying to encouraging, but it sure does not feel like spring is just around the corner. Spring is months away here in Canada!
It is darn cold out there today, isn't it?
That standoff by the lake almost looks real as you have captured the figures standing in the shadows of the bare trees. It is certainly an eerie scene. I feel for that poor moose stuck fending off hungry wolves for all eternity!
I see you made it to Landscape Congress. I will have to look through your posts on the show.
A roaring fire and a stack of seed catalogues sounds like a great antidote for a cold winter's day! Stay warm Barbara!

Barbarapc said...

If I wasn't so cold, I'd almost believe you. I'm on the hunt for my periscope to see around that corner!

Barbarapc said...

He certainly is. It's supposed to be warmer next week and it can't come soon enough for me. I'm with you on the sculpture, especially after seeing the real thing north of Superior, I've often thought it might be nice to take the wolves away for a week or two just to give the moose a break.......