Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Snow Tonight - Oh Goodie!

Another Texas low is going to roar through here this evening with 10-15 cm forecast.  A couple of years ago when I was in Texas, Dallas specifically, I remember it being very, very hot.  Might they not send some of that our way instead?

I've been doing volunteer work at the Oakville Municipal Greenhouse two days a week, and I must say taking cuttings, is a great way to forget about the weather.  Plus it's just around the corner more or less, so it's easy to get to.

There is the pretty bit that everyone can see.

This is the exciting bit, where we are seeding and propagating.  There's another empty room, that will be filled with baby plants in the next couple of months.

Yesterday I got a couple of free samples from Myers Industries.  Brown boxes with freebies - is there anything better?

And, inside were two new bamboo pot covers.  They'll be available at Home Hardware - at a good price (not listed on the information sheets).  They're waterproof - I've plunked a Hippeastrum in one on the kitchen counter to double check.  They come in the natural colour on the right - it appears more brown in real life and in a various number of colours.  They're very light and are finished nicely on the inside, so if you wanted to use them as containers for something else rather than plants, that would work too.

Before the next dump of snow, thought I'd take a little stomp out to the garden to show you a few things.  In advance, I'd like to say think you for looking at the dead things in my garden.....

The last official feed off the kale was last month.

It is remarkable to think that in spite of the cold, if you look under the leaves, this poor sad looking plant is doing its best to create more kale in the freezing cold.

The snow is condensed so I can walk across making me feel as light as a feather.

Last year was the first year I wintered over both the rosemary and sage.  Although we really didn't have much of a winter.  I'm curious to see whether these two lovely plants will make it.  Notice the big puddles of soil at their base where there the snow has melted.

They look not so bad, until you get a little closer to find the beginnings of death....  However, there's enough that looks OK, so I'll just have to wait until spring to find out what will happen.

Didn't have the heart to tell this poor sage about coming weather.

I don't cut much back until spring.  Notice what happens to the native asters.  The stems crack right at the base, and the seed heads fall to the ground.  If I let them grow, I can imagine what the shape of the clump would be.

And, finally a few blossoms.  What a scent these little flower shreds of Hamamelis make.

Just like little bits of sunshine.


Jason said...

I love the picture of the witchhazel.

Knatolee said...

Wow! I want some witch hazel. You really have some things going on in your garden!! YOur rosemary looks like it might make it. I have mine in a pot in the (heated) garage every winter.

Sounds like a pretty big snow dump will be hitting us both tomorrow.

Love that kale soldiering on through the winter!

Barbarapc said...

Such a delight to find something blooming in the middle of all this snow. I highly recommend this plant & suggest it be planted where you can see it in the morning when you drink your coffee.

Barbarapc said...

You must get yourself one. Be sure to ask if it is winter blooming - the fall blooming one, though lovely too, gets lost in the fall colours. The snow fall has turned into a slush event - good for checking out those waterproof boots. I was half wondering if I could take those little kale nubs and turn them into new plants, and then I thought, maybe I'll just get myself a package of seeds.

Paul Jung said...

Hi Barbara,

let's continue the Hamamelis love! Looks like you have "Arnold Promise"? Mine's been blooming since last month, such a great shrub, blooming its head off during this dreadful weather we're having in Toronto.

Barbarapc said...

I believe it is Paul. I bought it as a tagless wonder late one fall, but that's what my suspicion is.