Friday, February 8, 2013


An Alberta clipper has been stalled by a Texas low which means this pretty little blob of colour which represents snowfall has been sitting on us all day.  It's somewhere between -50 and 0C.

And it looks like this:

 We've had about 26cm of snow.

That's about 10".

I've shovelled 3 times, Kevin 2 times and the Plow once.  The plow won.  All the street snow is on my cleared sidewalk, which you're supposed to keep cleared in case you have a cardiac arrest so the EMS people can get to you.  I'm thinking if I try to remove the snow again - they won't be able to get here fast enough, so I'm not going to worry about it.  Kevin will start serving martinis 5:00.   So while I was figuring out which part of my back was twingiest, I saw the most remarkable thing.  I could barely get my boots back on fast enough to show you.....

My Hamamelis is starting to bloom!  A full month and a half ahead of its usual March 17th date.  Amazing.  

But, that's about all that's in bloom, so I retraced my steps.

Knocked off as much snow as I could.  And am looking forward to tomorrow's scheduled sunshine to see if I can get a better photo of those little yellow petals in the snow.


Anonymous said...

hey, what about the lenten rose? I checked out mine yesterday and there it was still low to the ground but definitely purple. The white one however had rabbit damage...what is that?

Barbarapc said...

Ah yes, the illusive lenten rose.....wasn't sure where to start digging. But if luck would have it, it is supposed to rain on Monday - so I shall indeed be able to post a photo or two. I'm surprised by the bunny damage, books generally say they're animal proof - just proves that deer, squirrels and bunnies don't read.