Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring in Our Nation's Capital

Took a quick hit and run visit to Ottawa to see my high school friend Brenda and her husband Bob.  VIA rail had a $39.00 deal and I couldn't resist.  It has been cold and damp here.  Fortunately though most of the snow is gone - I took these photos before I got in the car to go to the train.  So spring is coming, albeit slowly.

The Hellebore that was thrown on the compost dead - but a little piece of the root and survived.  10 years later it's going to bloom quite nicely.

Lots of little petals on the Hamamelis.

Read Jian Ghomeshi's 1982 on the way.  Good train read.  When I looked up, this is what is looked like outside.  I'd gone from almost spring to definitely winter in just 3 short hours.

And here are the snowbanks at Brenda and Bob's house....  Apparently they're a lot smaller than they were.

Also got to visit with her daughter and granddaughter in Calgary via FaceTime.

This cartoon pretty well sums up spring in Ottawa.

The next day we headed out to the National Gallery - really fabulous exhibit of Don McCullin's photographs on the top floor.

Can't believe as new as the place is - they're having to replace all the windows - this piece of machinery was being used to move the scaffolding around.

This was called - The Gardiner Expressway.
(no, not really)  Although, the resemblance is very good.

After a salad lunch we were off and back to Oakville.  One last view of the outside of the gallery.

This afternoon, I'm starting some seeds:
in no particular order:

Gardens North:
Clematis heracleifolia
Cenolophium denuadatum (old seed)
Gaylussacia baccata (old seed)
Oenothera trilby (old seed)
Veratrum album
Puy mirabilis
Chaerophyllum hirsutum roseum
Cladrastis lutea kentuckea
Vernonia novaboracensis
Solanum lacinaitum
Arisaema consanguineium

The Kew Collection T&M
Lupin 'Dwarf Pink Fairy'
Antirrhinum 'Chinese Lanterns'
A. 'Bronze Dragon'
Clematis integrifolia mixed
Digitalis 'Milk Chocolate'
No name digitalis

Sanvitalia speciosa 'Million Suns'
Celosia plumosa 'Smart Look Romantica'

Frank's Dad's tomatoes

True Thai Chiles Orange Fogo and Red Demon

D. Landreth Seed Company
Cherokee Purple Tomato

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
Green Zebra Tomato

and a few more - in case they didn't make it through the winter:

Gaillardia aestivalis var. winkleri
From Dr. Dennis J. Werner's garden... (2009)

Let the fun begin!


Knatolee said...

$39 is a great deal!! I live an hour east of Ottawa. Definitely still winter here.
I loove the National Gallery. Glad you had a nice visit!

Barbarapc said...

It was a fantastic deal - wish they'd do it more often - train only half full. I couldn't get over how wintery it all was - and I forgot just how quickly the roads are cleared after a major snow fall - they could give a master class. It was indeed a lovely visit.

Jason said...

I would love to see Ottawa, and Toronto also! We have gone to Montreal, Quebec City, Victoria and Vancouver. I am a legislature nerd, I love visiting national and state legislative/parliamentary seats. I saw the parliaments for BC and Quebec, and have visited many state capitols, from Rhode Island to Louisiana.

Barbarapc said...

Ottawa on the 1st of July - Canada Day is lots of fun. It's an easy city, most sites within walking distance or a short drive. The parliament buildings and refurbished library are beautiful. In Toronto - Queen's Park - another great building, home of the provincial government and Lieutenant Governor - and again easy walk and transit from all sorts of other good sites.

scottweberpdx said...

Wow...that gallery is an amazing space! Too bad about the windows, though.

Barbarapc said...

It really is a national treasure - every time I'm in Ottawa, I try to spend at least 2 hours there - new exhibits all the time and a brilliant mix of old masters, modern art, and photography. Wonder if there might be a greenhouse in the future of all that old glass.....?

Helen said...

The Gardiner Expressway. Love it.