Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bart & The Gas Man

Spring has been cold, grey, terribly dry, followed by terribly wet.  Instead of seeing that lovely yawn, stretch and slow presentation of green leaves and flowers - it's going to be a year where the garden is thrown out of bed by an alarm clock.  

I've started to do some of the spring clean-up.  I leave everything in the fall, so I've got bits and pieces to enjoy over the winter.  Until I build up my gardening muscles, my limit appears to be three Costco bags - improved from the barely one earlier last week.

It's at moments when my back doesn't want to uncurl that I lust over having a garden maintenance team like this person below.  Bart's interest trended toward the pillar on the right.

Does this look not say everything about where Bart sits on her "I'll move when...." list.

Fortunately Bart wasn't the least bit put off by the cold shoulder, and worked himself into a lather while I decided which side of the little back garden I should tackle first.

Finally, we had a bit of sun on Sunday.  And in honour of the pretty yellow ball in the sky, here are a few more bits of yellow - the still-blooming (Feb 9th) Hamamelis:

My extra-early Rijnveld's Early Sensation Trumpet Narcissus.

Even sunny when the clouds returned this morning.

However, with any patch of sun, there's always a locating crew just waiting to decorate your lawn and garden.  Yesterday, I was getting out of my car - parked way, way, way back there....  There was a gas company car parked on the sidewalk and a tall young man crunching (yes, I could hear the steps of destruction from the other side of our lot) through this garden.  This is the accident-prone garden that had started to recover from the elderly man who did a U-ey through it 18 months ago.  Mr. Gas Man has set the recovery back a bit with his stomp, dig, paint and flag plant.  So much for that new little rose, that plant tag that went with goodness knows what, the "Tree thing, sorry about that".  Apparently the gas shut-off valve - that I'm guessing, hasn't moved in 25 years - becomes difficult to find every time they do a locate.

On my walk this a.m. saw the men with the Ditch Witches - here's hoping they won't have to chase these yellow markers into the property in order to upgrade the water service for the area.  Or if they do, they'll knock on the door so I can get out there with a shovel and move them to safer ground.



Right through that bed. Could they be any more destructive? I hope you can rescue the poor babies before the crew arrives. Your dog is adorable running along his trail. And the tuxedo kitty is too cute. Here's to a nice warm up.

Barbarapc said...

Nope, not even if they had evil on their mind could they have thought of a more direct route to ruin. Bart says thanks. Fingers crossed that the weather starts to be a little more middle-springlike later this week.

Sue said...

Oh boy! I don't have a sidewalk and garden right to the street as well. What I've learned is don't put your best plants out there and don't get too attached to anything.

Is Bart a Jack Russell? I know, silly question :).

Barbarapc said...

You're quite right Sue. Then of course there will be a hole, and I'll have a plant in my hand.... Deep down inside I know that because the gas valve is there - it is always going to be up for grabs - this year I'm going to put in more annuals so if it happens again, all they'll be doing is scattering seed. Bart is a Jack Russell and a rescue from Hamilton Ontario. Sweet and quiet - the quiet part is quite unusual for many JRs that are like blenders with the tops off.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love seeing Bart running through your garden. So cute.
Our dog rushes into our backyard as if she's chasing the devil. I think she's just hoping for a strange cat.

Paul Jung said...

Perennial beds and utility locates/flags/spray paint are never a good combination, yikes! Gotta rescue those babies before these landscapers show up!

Barbarapc said...

Wouldn't you love to know what's going on in their little minds? I thing sometimes he's just showing off for the squirrels.

Barbarapc said...

I'll be out there this w/e. There are a couple of really fancy/new things that I'm going to have to consider relocating - an adorable abies, some new hydrangea that I'm trialing, and of course there's probably some perennials I've forgotten about that haven't broken the surface of the soil.....