Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gardening in the Construction Zone

Awoke yesterday to discover they'd moved more heavy equipment into the neighbourhood - I felt like a regular Fae Ray ducking King Kong - you would not believe how much the house shook when this digger went to work.

For the rest of us with lawns and gardens, they're going under the sidewalk.  Guess they just couldn't resist the opportunity to pull out the saws and set some dust loose at the new build down the street.

We also got these lovely stakes yesterday as well.  One more thing to dodge when you're trying to mow the lawn.

Here's something I haven't seen before.  It's on the Phlox 'David' and on none of the others - have about  seven or eight different varieties.  Beginning of some sort of rust do you think?

Here's the poor Mighty 'Mato I neglected (see previous post).  If this makes it and produces fruit in quantity, it will get it's own blog post.

Time to get out there and pull out the volunteers in the back garden.

We had a real dump of rain - well over 20cm (8").  Look at what happened.  All the soilless mix was washed away.  Some of the pots just had seeds and mix - no germination yet and had just oozed into the large tray.  Took the tray and tossed the whole thing into an area of the garden I rarely go into to weed.  With any luck I'll get something from all those seed packages.

The Lychnis viscaria atropurpurea is blooming its heart out about a week later than usual.

Early stages of the Arugula that will be used for our "True Italian Arugula Contest" - sadly only 2 of the five have germinated.  Very odd.

Aquilegia skinneri or canadensis.

I did not like Bloomerang when I first put it in the garden, but am coming around.  The trick is that you have to prune it hard after it blooms, unlike other lilacs that refuse to bloom after being pruned.

The Hosta look so pretty this time of year.

Sweet little geraniums have self seeded throughout the garden.

As have these Japanese Maples.

 Empress Wu....looked like nothing last year, and now, maybe thinking it's planted in the wrong spot.

Cornus alternifolia is just starting to bloom.

This is a shrimp plant that I purchased from Loblaws.  Underplanted it with some begonias.  Quite a nice plant for $29.00.

Pretty up close.  Will be interested to see how it does throughout the summer.

Japanese Tree peonies.  Yum.

Fingers crossed the old ash is still looking ok.  Almost all others have been hit by the borers.

Time to separate the weedy looking flowers from the cool foliage.

My Rhodo from Richard Birkett is about to bloom.

Athyrium 'Ghost' seems to have returned to its vigour of a few years ago - as has all the competition.  More weeding and moving on the agenda for later today.

I did not know the fairies had squeegee brushes to move the excess water the edge of the leaves.

Adiantum pedatum.

The Saruma henry loses its petals easily during a hard rain.  Only thing left is centres and backs.

And I think this may be my new favourite Hosta - 'Wheee' from Proven Winners.  Wiggles, ruffles, a little kiss of variegation and tough - compare it with 'Praying Hands' that you can just see to the right (year four).

With all this rain and heat (30cm 87F) today, must get out and see if I can't put some order back into a few of those garden beds.  Did half the mowing before lunch and think, I'll just put the old reel mower away and finish things off tomorrow.


Jason said...

I love that white Geranium that is self-sowing. Do you know what species/cultivar? Hope you survive the construction!

Barbarapc said...

I believe it is Geranium phaeum 'Album'. All the G. phaeums are really good self seeders.

Gail said...

Barbara, I can't figure out why there are construction stakes in your garden? and goodness gracious 8" of rain is enough to drown any garden plants. I saw Empress Wu at the local garden center and it was enormous...Seriously big! gail

Jennifer said...

I am in the same sort of predicament with construction and so I can honestly sympathize. When the big pavement roller gets going the house trembles as if there is an earthquake. I like the Lychnis viscaria atropurpurea. My Japanese maples have yet to make any offspring. What is the plant next to the 'Ghost' fern?

Barbarapc said...

Gail, and more rain last night - if nothing else, it sure is green. They're redoing the wastewater lines and need to do locates - I've pushed my garden into areas that are theoretically town property - but the others, I think they just put them there to spite me. This is what I've heard about Wu - she's definitely got to move.

Barbarapc said...

Jennifer, next to the Ghost fern is Saruma henry. And, there's lots of little Lychnis I could share if you've got a spot to tuck one in.