Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Magnolia Day in Oakville

Unofficially of course.  But completely believable if you've had the good fortune to walk the streets or drive around.  It is completely and stupendously beautiful, over-the-top perfumily magnificent.  Big or small they're all vying for our attention.  So very few words, and lots of photos from today and a few days ago from around the 'hood:

I would move into the house, just for the trees.

The same tree - underside:


Doesn't matter if the house is new:

Or old....

One of the few yellows:

This lovely fencing will be up and down the whole street by this evening - waste water mains:

New house - old tree:

Old house - and lovely old tree - love the petals scattered about:

A tiny one tucked in the corner:

One more of that lovely old one:

Let's hope this one makes it through the construction:

Very new - and best scented of the lot - what a colour to boot!

House hiding behind:

 Magnolia reaching out to say hello:

Grey house - pink tree:

Sweet little house and lovely luscious tree:

Rhodo saying - look at ME:

And a little break from all the pink - the Lake this a.m.

I don't know, this might be my fav:

This one is pretty good too:

Violets and petals - very girlie:

These two remind me of showgirls with fans:

Great white just down the street:

Hope you'll come back soon - if you enjoyed this I'm thinking you're going to love Forsythia Day!

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