Saturday, June 15, 2013

Am off to Hamilton Today

The Durand Garden Tour is today - will head off shortly - Kevin to keep Bart company.  I'd tried to go a number of years ago, and unfortunately even though it was being advertised on the radio that morning, it was completely sold out by the time I got there.  Much wiser this year, got my tickets a couple of weeks ago in Dundas.

The construction continues.  Am looking for an implement to cut grass and not the dreadful orange snow fence (that I'd like to blow up).  I think I've worn out my clippers.  Time to get them sharpened.  It has been a difficult year for starting things from seed.  I'm glad I've got some experience under my belt.  Had this been the year I had started, I don't think I would ever be thinking of doing it again.  Vegetable germination for the most part about 10% - too cold and too wet.  If my tomatoes were armed, they'd have me shot at dawn for such cruel treatment.

So here to prove I can grow things from seed - at least to myself - here are  the Martagon Lilies and some cream coloured Digitalis.

Such a lovely time of year - the greens are so perfect.

Last week you couldn't see either of these ferns, although I think I've got even more pulling out so that they can stretch out and be seen.

'Hyde Hall' Clematis.  It's second year - first to flower, should be much better next year.

Tricyrtis 'Lightning Strike' has really spread out this year.  Time to divide and move.

A little Oenothera that I've never seen open.  It truly is the perfect drinking plant.  In early evening, get yourself a beverage, and sit down to watch as it opens in front of you.

The Aralia cordata needs to be cut back to help 'Butterfly' spread its wings.

This gerbera daisy is now in year #3.  I allow it to go dormant/dead in the basement every year, and each year when I add a bit of water it springs to life.  The sad brown nobby thing is a Brugmansia.

Here's something I hadn't seen before.  Looks like a black mould.

Two days later this is what the flower bud looked like.

The little yellow shrub is Genista 'Bangle' from Loblaw.

A very persistent self seeding annual Bupleurum I grew many years ago.  I'm always certain to scatter some of the seed heads around just to help it out a bit.

Hosta montana macrophylla with its odd flower heads.

There are good parts of this cool spring - every single early-blooming bush is fabulous without exception.  Unfortunately the roses took a real hit, and I've lost parts of, or complete plants.   A 2012 Proven Winners Trial - Oso Happy Smoothie Rose.  And, the second one is looking considerably less jolly given its name.

'Dream Catcher' Kolkwitzia amabilis looks good.

My grown from seed Hydrangea.

And last of all the Aruncus - yet another perennial that loves cold winters.  The best plants I've ever seen where growing in Quebec City.  Not quite as big as those, but still quite beefy all the same.

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