Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rain, lots of it, but not as much as Toronto

Things are soggy, but otherwise just fine here in Oakville after the storm yesterday.  We lost power for about 3 hours.  It came on briefly so Kevin was able to get his car into the garage.  I decided that I couldn't have the ice go to waste, so Kevin made me a martini and we listened to my old Zenith Royal 16 radio that I got in 1968.  It is lovely every now and again, providing your basement isn't filling with water, to just sit back and enjoy a storm.

Took a few photos so you can see some progress in the garden.  Oh my, things are weedy.  Only having Saturday and Sunday to get out there when the construction crew isn't around just doesn't provide enough time to get things the way I like them - and on Sunday I closed the car door on my thumb (who knew you needed your thumb for so many vital tasks?).  Fortunately, I'm on the mend, so should be able to go great guns this w/e when I've got the garden to myself again.

Count the perennials:

Aren't the greens amazing.  The fern of the moment in the centre is Dryopteris erythrosora - Autumn Fern.

I'm liking this new perennial Leucanthemum 'Banana Cream'    Not too big and such a pretty soft colour of yellow.

One of those pots where I said, "What the heck, put in all the Solenostemon."  I fib, I said "Coleus"...

This Asian woodlander Kirengeshoma both palmata and koreana look like they're going to bloom together.  Kk usually blooms two weeks ahead.  Will keep you posted on the race to see which one unfurls first.

More Autumn Fern.

I've got a lot of test/trial hydrangea - this little pink one at the bottom (year 2) seems to be doing quite well.  Will have to backtrack through my notes to see which one it is.

Got this great freebie from Garden Import - look at all the blossoms that are coming.

This is what I ordered - not nearly as big as the freebie.  Colocasia Black Coral, Blue Hawaii, Hawaiian Punch and Maui Gold.  The summer is young and there's lots of time for some serious growth.

 For those of you with dry shade - four of my favourites:

Symphyandra hoffmanii

Hosta, Athyrium & Heuchera.

The Hemerocallis are starting to do their thing.   Little Wine Cup below and and very pretty selection from Loblaw.

I'm really impressed with this 'Invincibelle Spirit' Hydrangea from Proven Winners.  Considering the abuse this year with all the equipment and dust and footsteps, it's doing wonderfully well.

You can never have too many photographs of Hosta.

They're back........

The rain has been really hard on the phlox, but so far no mildew.

And one geranium to round out the bunch of photos - I think this is was from a T&M selection.  Certainly grew a lot taller than I expected.  I like it better this year - with the garden so full, it hasn't needed support and the pretty flowers weave through all the other foliage nicely.


Shirley said...

I love the huge splash of colour in your coleus planter! Is that Taro in the other planter?

Jason said...

Your garden looks good! And coleus in my garden always is called Solenostemon scutellarioides. Either that, or "that leafy thing".

Barbarapc said...

Hi Shirley,
yes it is - although we'd both go broke (and hungry judging by its growing speed) if we were counting on it for a meal. Every now and again, I'll just toss one into a pot from the grocery store.
Thank you. I'm going out there right now to look at that pot and repeat Solenostemon scutellariodes until it rolls of my tongue. Maybe I'll make more of a sport of it and wait until my Friday night martini. B.

Zhivana Designs said...

What a gorgeous garden - I love all the variety! We've had a lot of rain in Montreal, too, so it's been hard to get a lot of gardening done this year. So everything is really lush - including the weeds - around here!

Jennifer said...

Sipping a martini was a perfect way to get through the storm. I wasn't expecting the rainfall to be so heavy and continued to work on a refinishing project on the front porch. Boy was I sorry! Both my project and I got drowned. We lost power too, but thankfully the basement didn't flood.
I have never seen Symphyandra hoffmanii before and think its pretty.
I have to say that I am not a fan of 'Invincible Spirit'. I find the stems are really floppy. My shrub doesn't look quite as nice as yours does though. Perhaps I might like it better if it was more like the one you have Barbara.
Keep cool! This heat is quite something.

garden said...

I see that you love him as I do :)
Beautiful Garden!

garden said...

I see that you love him as I do :)
Beautiful Garden!