Friday, September 13, 2013

Morning walks

A small break from my Quebec chronicles to share a few snaps from my morning walks over the last week.  The weather has been full of surprises - unseasonably hot and humid - 33C (91F) followed by today's bracing 10C (50F).   Our walking speed was correspondingly 70% percent faster much to Bart's delight.

More changes in the 'hood.  My what a wasteful society we live in.  I'm sure what follows will be lovely, but I'm thinking this was perfectly fine.  The Habitat to Humanity donation sign had been planted on the lawn a few days before.  A sure signal that it was about to be flattened.  I guess we all should be glad that some of it will be reused rather than going to landfill.

We had about  5cm (2") of rain between the hot and the cold weather fortunately.  My garden is a bit spotty as far as colour goes.  My lack of garden maintenance during the road construction period earlier in the summer is definitely showing.  One exception is the Rose of Sharon (year five or so), a Proven Winners Hibiscus syriacus 'Blue Chiffon'.  Very long period of bloom and good double flowers.  Really blue you ask?  Not really, but exceptionally pretty.

This Loblaw tropical has been excellent.  It's growing up and through some clematis that has gone to seed.  I feel our relationship is unequal, I've done so little and it's given me so much.

Thank you to those who bring their gardens right down to the sidewalk:

Be afraid, be very afraid, the Amaranthus looks very hungry:

I have Anemone envy.  I'd purchased 3 plants from the RBG last fall, and not one of them made it.  Not sure why, perhaps September is too late to plant them?  Will definitely try again - wouldn't they be so pretty in my back garden?

I'd hoped that the scent of the Heptacodium might be all that I needed to bring in a few monarchs.  Sadly - just spied one last week and that was it.  Other years, it would have been alive with orange and black.

How's this for odd?  I've never seen Cornus blooming now.

Here's a better view of the whole tree:

And just a couple more shots down by the lake - clear and hot:

The next day with the fog approaching ahead of the cold front:

Kevin & Bart on the move:

And the next day, now you see them:

 Now you don't.....


Paul Jung said...

Hi Barbara,

strange that the Cornus rebloomed but an added bonus at this time of the year. And the anemones are, of course, wonderful. Humidex of 40 plus a couple of days ago, not so wonderful!

PlantPostings said...

Great photos, and I enjoyed your description of your walks. Our weather has been very similar--very hot, and then suddenly cool. Now we will have a couple of hot days again. Thanks for taking us along to see the sights around you.

Barry said...

The Cornus in bloom is wonderful to see, even though it really shouldn't be! Anemone envy is one thing, but battling their rambunctiousness is another..... do give them a crazy wide berth if you are considering them..... and frankly, although it is my favourite of the genus, stay away from A.robustissima.... the name says it all Barbara! Gorgeous photos of K and B down by the water!

Jennifer said...

It seems that the weather has been hot and humid one minute and then rather cool the next. Yesterday we went into Toronto for Word on the Street and nearly froze to death! I am glad that Habitat for Humanity made some use of the things inside the house that is to be torn down. A couple years back the Region of Peel destroyed a house beside us with brand new windows etc. without making any such effort. I have an azalea in flower! How odd is that? I got it on clearance and it has decided to flower now.

Gail said...

That is creepy and I don't mean the fog, I mean that machine getting ready to bite that house down! The fog shots are lovely as is tht walk along the lake....Hope it's starting to get seasonally cool for you. gail

Barbarapc said...

Paul - the weather has been so unusual - finding all sorts of interesting treats around the garden. And I agree, 40C - not good at any time of year. Hopefully, we're looking at cooler weather from now on.
Plant Postings. Thank you. If it's not hot or cold, now it would appear to be rain - lots of it. Great for the trees and garden.
Barry - oh Barry, I couldn't help myself - just planted a A. 'Prince Henry' - fell in love with its double pink blossoms and sort of crunchy looking buds - with any luck I won't have to arm wrestle it the way I do with the one I have in the front yard....
Jennifer - I suspect your Azalea was just so happy to be included in your lovely garden, it's showing its appreciation the only way it can.
Gail - Weather has started to turn - hooray. Looks like it's going to be a lovely long colourful fall.