Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little More from Landscape Ontario

It was a completely perfect post-card winter day yesterday - the first of the year.  Here's the 'hood from the stoop of my house - you can see the Town has picked up most of the Eastern White - what a job that was, and on the coldest day of the year.  I really have to applaud those guys working in those cold and windy conditions.

Remember yesterday when I was able to park steps away from the show.  Well, that was yesterday, and this is another day.  See that stick with a ball on it.  That's where I was yesterday, today my car is about 10 car lengths behind me, so a little more exercise.  And after December, believe me it is welcome.

This is Blake Sicard from Creative Landscape Depot in St. Jacobs.  I noticed he had samples of the lights I had admired in the New Products section of the show.  He was able to explain to me that the lights need to be put in a sheltered area for the winter.  Sort of too bad as I was imagining how pretty it would have been in the snow and ice.  But certainly a handsome addition during the summer months.  His company displayed a number of very elegant landscape additions. Here he is showing me his sawed-off 'iceberg' rock.

Ooooooo, look what I found.    I just love this orange wheelbarrow - and look how strong it is!

Nothing like a little bit of ice sculpture - and yes, every who walked by just had to go up to touch it.

I'm really sorry that this photo didn't turn out better.  I'd wanted to have the company rep in the photo, but she hustled out of the frame.  This is stainless steel furniture and panel.  Should have just concentrated on the product - it is absolutely gorgeous, and this photo doesn't do it any favours. The smallish panel is $1500 and in the right setting for someone with the right budget, it would be brilliant.  I'm not convinced the furniture wouldn't be hot in the summer, but I'm unlikely to ever have the coin to consider a purchase - the panels are definitely something I'd look at adding for a design customer if they wanted something really special - would be great in a modern condo.

Here are more of those lights I liked.  Almost look like they're ready for an alien attack when they're all teamed together - but take a look at them individually and imagine how they'd highlight plants in the garden - quite lovely.

Was entertained at lunch with semi-horror stories of the contracting business.  One of the best concerned a worker who had papers to get into a psychiatric facility (how deep did the fence go and how was he going to provide a watering system that ran under it) but did not have the papers to get out…..  3-1/2 hours later he was released - his colleagues enjoying his misery on the other side of the very thick glass.  And, then the last speaker I took in was Kate Seaver who spoke about the business opportunity of Exterior Staging.  The real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area is exceptionally robust and there is money to be made on exterior staging.  She mentioned that many people will do drive-bys first before they take a look inside, so capturing the interest of the potential buyer from the street is essential.

Another really good show.  Lots to learn.  And many notes to follow-up on - especially from Gavin's presentation - a true Irish story-teller, 3/4 of the presentation followed the topic and the other 1/4 will send me scrambling across the internet to pursue the tidbits he mentioned - which is great because the weather is going up to +9C with heavy rain over the next day or so.    The good news is I'll have an opportunity to inspect the backyard and pick-up some of the brush that was frozen solid into the snow and ice that is my backyard.  The joys of a Southern Ontario winter.

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Jennifer said...

I am not surprised that exterior staging is starting to become the latest thing you need to do to properly prepare your house for the market. As you point out, people do drive by and check the place out before going inside. On top of that many people make a judgement about a place from the real-estate listing photo of the exterior. A smart person could make a good business doing such staging in an upper-middle class area place like Oakville. I love the lights you found! I could see them by a pool.