Monday, May 5, 2014

Cannot Wait!

Two big events:
#1 Announcement of Loblaw Lawn and Garden Programme at the Toronto Botanical Garden tomorrow
#2 Just 11 more sleeps until I go to England with my Aunt Carolyn.  (Kevin, Bart & Hercules will be holding down the fort.)

So glad I have a couple of announcements, because spring really hasn't started just yet.  So little to report.  Ground cold. Just a few Forsythia have started to bloom.  Yesterday spent 2 hours tidying.  Wish I had a 4-hour back to finish the job, but alas no.  Will be back out there today.  Here are a few photos so you can see just how slow spring is to arrive:

This is what the morning walks have looked like.  Thank goodness for that hot cup of coffee upon my return.

The last photo of this corner was covered in snow mid-April.  Not much happening yet - but the snow has finally melted.

The neighbour's magnolia has started to bloom.  Not certain how many of those closed buds will open.  Fear they were blitzed by the cold.

At ground level, there are a few wee bits of colour:

Hellebore 'Ivory Prince':

A section of garden on my schedule for clean-up.  What a happy red colour.  Of note - see the little green sprouts that are a little triffid/evergreen like - Ipomopsis rubra - a Texas wildflower alive and well - showing the importance of snow cover.

Dicentra culcullaria beginning to bloom.

Evidence throughout the 'hood of evergreen damage.

And this from one of my favourite spring gardens on Trafalgar Road - almost drove off the road on Sunday when I saw the display of action - the magnolias are beginning to show their pink slips.

Now, if someone would kindly find the switch and flip it on for a bit of heat in honour of the gardens, and more importantly the gardeners who have endured almost 6 and counting months of winter, I would be over the moon.  Fingers crossed we won't be waiting too much longer.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbra girl the switch was flipped for sure yesterday here in Kingston.
I had a marathon day in the garden and boy .. I was hot, sticky and so exhausted and it seemed like I hardly made a dent in all that has to be done .. aching from head to toe today and praying for the rain they promised on the weather.
We are beginning to dry out and I did a lot of plant switching and have more plants to plant and it goes on and on .. BIG sigh!
I know .. we wait all winter for this but Spring start up is a "*itch" ? LOL
Hey ... have a great time in the UK .. it must be so exciting for you to get over there for a bit.
Lots of pictures eh ? LOL

Gail said...

So glad spring is beginning...Loved seeing the Magnolia against that blue sky! Can't wait to see your photos and read your UK posts! gail

Jim/ said...

Are you going to London to see the Chelsea Flower show? Oh, and I flipped the switch for the warm weather yesterday. Hope you enjoyed it.

Jennifer said...

We were off to a slow start, but the garden seems to be rushing now. With this mornings rain the garden is looking quite green. Finally there are tulips and daffodils. Hooray! Have a wonderful trip!

Barbarapc said...

Joy - there are some leaves on the trees - how beautiful. I'm madly running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to tidy the dead without stomping on the living. And, the death count is really bad - lost 4 bleeding heart, can you believe it....mercy. Will indeed take far too many pictures and plan on boring everyone for a good long time.
Gail - me too, just a few more sleeps!
Jim - yes Chelsea next Thursday. And, thank you so much for the warmer weather - you are the best.
Jennifer - garden is hysterical - I swear every time I look up from my computer something else has popped out of the ground. Looking forward to getting on the plane.....London here I come.