Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August Update - Catching Up With the Weeds & Flowers

Lettuce, not tomatoes.  Just one of those years.  It has been cool and wet - spa weather for plants.  Those that were close to death after this fierce winter have their little leaves dancing around their crowns bigger and better than ever.   And, the weeds - so lovely and lush, and in such abundance.

Speaking of leaves, I've had the best luck with Renee's lettuce mixes this year.  Planted both the 5-variety Mesclun Organic Blend and the Paris Market Blend this spring and am still harvesting.  Turns my guests into little kids.  After a few bites of their salad, they start pulling it all apart wanting to know which one is which and where could they buy this particular type of lettuce.  With all the different varieties included in these two packages, I don't have a clue, so I simply encourage them to eat up, drink more wine, and maybe grow their own lettuce next year.  Below are more lovely leaves of Renee's Swiss chard and beans.

My pots have done very well too.  Loblaw had provided a great number of plants to replace the ill-fated and popular Impatiens.  These bright orange begonias are a new favourite of mine.

Quite a bit of spider mite here and there throughout the garden.  First time I'd seen it on Colocasia.

My new favourite Hosta 'Wheee!'  My little H. 'Praying Hands' that lived beside it obviously hasn't been praying hard enough - it's down to two tiny leaves that I trod on yesterday.

And two weeks later, more colour in Hydrangea 'Mystical Flame' and Heuchera 'Amber Lady'.  (and a few less weeds up front)

I'm zipping you back to the front yard again.  What a year for Hydrangea 'Limelight'.  It's next to Persicaria polymorpha which looks so much better when it hasn't been devoured by Japanese Beetles.  Eupatorium 'Gateway' is a little more than waist-high this year.  But on a positive note, the leaves have not been mutilated by leaf miners as they have almost every other year.

You can see the limelight colour a little better in this shot.

A couple of morning walk shots - silver, pinks, and blues are such pretty combinations.

Back to my garden....This is H. 'Incrediball'.  I believe I'm into year 4 here.  Still very small.  Shocking white blossoms, but very slow growth pattern.  May take another 2 years until it earns its incredible moniker.

More 'Limelight':

Did I hear you say Uncle?  Until I do, more 'Limelight'.

Hybiscus syriacus 'Blue Chiffon'.  This was one of the plants on death watch after the rough winter.  Just shows what a cool wet summer will do for a shrub.

H. 'Invincibelle Spirit'.  Wasn't keen on this when I first planted it.  Now, I really like it.  Very unusual pink colour, and it continues to send out blossoms throughout the summer.

This is my favourite new perennial of the year.  Be aware though, this is only year one.  Can you believe all the blossoms?  The colour in person is richer and better, and just when you think it should be done, it provides even more colour.   I wish they'd spent as much time on the name as they had on plant development, I'm finding Coreopsis 'Permathread Red Satin' a little hard to remember.

Two weeks later:

After the rain:

Coreopsis 'Route 66' - one of the first fancy thread leaf varieties to survive year after year - yet another Loblaw feature.

It was a good year for birds & squirrels - what a feast on the Cornus alternifolia berries.  The party remains on the hosta.

The mixed pots have done very well.  I use a 15-30-15 mix every two weeks.  Am surprised at how well the petunias have done.

The Ipomopsis rubra are in bloom.

More monarchs than last year, but not many more.  Good to see them enjoying the milkweed I let grow in the big perennial garden.

Best Hemerocallis year ever.

Lost one of the Begonias when we had the last thunderstorm.  But the rest of the bunch is looking just fine.  The green bit is a plant left over from last year.  Waiting to see what colour it will be.

Couldn't believe it was time for these blossoms - always think of this Clematis as one of my end-of-summer plants.

Great year for Platycodon.  The white gunk is pine blood from the still open wounds of the Eastern White above.

More 'Limelight' from this a.m.

And one last shot - a very clever bee staying dry on Eupatorium 'Gateway'.  Hope he finds a better spot by this afternoon - looks like we're going to be hammered with thunder and heavy rain for most of the afternoon.  There's simply no let up on this lettuce summer anytime soon.  


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Barbara girl !
You veggies are remarkable and just keep pouring the wine (they will remember something about "what was that lettuce again?") haha
All of your gardens are doing well .. and pots! ... I actually duped some because it was just getting to be to much a of a pain. But I have a lovely BIG pot of rosemary I have to start harvesting and drying. It has been wonderful just going out on the deck cutting fresh rosemary for the chicken and pork.
I'll have to keep that coreopsis in mind for next year too!
Thanks for the tour ... I have Little Lime in a few spots and my very first one Little Lamb is amazing : )

Barbarapc said...

Hi Joy
Indeed I shall! After all, what's summer for? It's about this time of year that I start adding rosemary to my cooking too - think of it as a roast/fall sort of flavour. Drying is a great idea, I think we're unlikely to have any more of those winters when you can count on the plant coming out the other side in spring intact any time soon. Little Lime is adorable - not as familiar with Little Lamb - must have a look.

Glädjekällan said...

Här har vi haft en extremt varm och torr sommar. Så mycket som jag badat i havet den här sommaren har jag nog inte gjort tidigare. Har en liten trädgård och det har jag just i sommar varit glad över, för så mycket som jag har vattnat. Dina hortensior känner jag mig lite avundsjuk på, så fina. Av ren lättja har jag skrivit på svenska - hoppas du kan hitta någon bra översättning.
Fortsatt trevlig helg

Barbarapc said...

It's so unusual for me that I haven't had to pull out the hose at all this summer - am much more familiar with gardening in hot dry conditions that you are having this year Birgitta. However, I am enjoying a number of perennials and bushes like the Hydrangea at their absolute best. Gardening with the changing climate certainly keeps us on our toes.

cubic zirconia Swarovski said...

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Breanne Kunzman said...

Wow! What a beautiful garden you have. All the blooms look gorgeous and you have so many!. My favorite would have to be the blue chiffon and its turnabout journey from winter. That's really good. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing those lovely pictures and close-ups. All the best!

Breanne Kunzman @ Nan's Blossom Shop