Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday & A Few Bits of Gratuitous Colour

I always feel like a bit of a poser this time of year (and for the next six months) participating in Gail's marvellous Wildflower Wednesday.  For the most part, the wildflowers are finished and only have their seeds to show as evidence of their former glory.  So to provide you with a bit of colour - and to reinforce that we do indeed have something to light up our days, I'm going to throw in a few shots of pretty leaves from my morning walks punctuated, of course, by some wildflower seed heads.

Here is a wildflower that I started from seed in my own garden.  It does brilliantly in dry shade under an Eastern White Pine - Gillenia trifoliata -  also known as Bowman's root or Indian Physic.  (And as a coincidence, it is Gail's featured plant, so not only is it at home in Tennessee, it does equally well further north in Ontario.)

I had been warned by a fellow gardener from New England that it can be quite invasive.  However, I've had no problems at all with it self seeding.  Maybe another two or three plants in ten years.  I was happy to find them.  What will be interesting is how well they transplant.  This currently is growing in the bed that the crane must cross to remove the dead ash.  I'm thinking I'll try to collect some seed as well, just in case it doesn't like being moved.

Off in the fields the solidago has gone all fuzzy fuzzy.

The Daucus carota all seedy-weedy.

A couple of morning walk pictures - several weeks ago:  (the tree skeletons are all dead ash trees care of the Emerald Ash Borer)

And then this morning - we're probably a week away from full colour:

On the hunt for colour this w/e found lots of Dipsacus.  The seed found in the teasel heads form a large portion of the goldfinch winter diet.
And so with my wildflower submissions exhausted, I bring you some autumn colour - from this week-end walk and of course from my morning dog-walk:


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Barbara you have stunning scenes there...fall is certainly heavenly where you are!! I am providing our goldfinches other seeds as I have to keep teasel out of my garden or it will take over the native meadow flowers. But it has great seedheads.

Paul Jung said...

Lovely fall pictures, especially of the lake. It's a very colourful time of the year now, I appreciate your photos, which are certainly not gratuitous!

Barbarapc said...

Donna, Weather has been wonderful. Good for doing the move of plants around the garden & fall tidy-up. I've got a number of wildflowers that have taken hold in my garden & they certainly are prolific - am in with my clippers cutting them down before they populate the whole garden.
Thanks Paul. It was a beautiful morning. The end of a storm - better weather moving in. Photography.....the light is everything.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed your beautiful fall colors and the water, but the seedheads just as much. I myself posted a number of seedheads in my post.