Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Just back from a seven-day-cruise.  It was divine.  Hot.  Sunny.  Lovely.  Back to cold, cloudy, and not so lovely.  One of my top resolutions is to be a better blogger in 2015 - so as we head out for dinner with friends, I'll leave you with a few vacation photos:

A sweet little Florida squirrel:

The glorious island of St. Maarten:

Lunch on the beach:

Kevin posing with a gorgeous gal (it took her 3 months to make her costume) for Junkanoo:

The Nassau Botanical Gardens that I had hoped to share with you - alas, everything is closed on the 26th of December in Nassau:

and a Fort Lauderdale blossom just outside our hotel:

May 2015 be filled with good health, joy and many wonderful gardens!

My very best wishes to all my Blogging Friends.

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Donna said...

Happy New Year Barbara! Glad you had a warm vacation as the cold weather is upon us!