Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

Tinsel, sparkle and greenery have all been stowed.  I've done a desk dig and found that I do indeed have a nice flat surface under all the piles.  And, I'm still enjoying (although I know it is still early) one of the nicest, most benevolent winters I can ever remember.  

Crab Apples Down by the Lake

Yesterday on our walk, the sun was shining, there was no snow, and the temperature was about -5C (23F).

Another Wonderful Sweater-Free Day

Bart has only had two embarrassing sweater days and my old car was frozen shut for just one day after it's marvellous detail-cleaning by my wonderful husband.

Who Knew that Roses Bloomed in December in Oakville?

Listening to the CBC this a.m. - the host and her culture counter-part were talking about culture-resolutions around the nation.  e.g., For every new book - read one that is 10 years old; look to shorter essays by established writers; go back and find all those books with book marks and finish them.  That last bit was laughter inducing.  Even at this early stage in 2016, the year simply is not going to be long enough for me to join in that activity.

Winter Interest Without the Snow

I really haven't made any earth-shattering resolutions, nor have I established a yearly theme.  But I am looking forward to many things this year, starting in January with Landscape Ontario's Congress - a meet up with my garden writer buddies - and then the following week, the IDS show, where I'll see all sorts of cutting edge design and consider how the new and marvellous inside will translate to outside.

More Winter Interest

I'm considering recipes for my Soup Party in February - although if this continues, it may not be the "It's too cold, Let's have a soup party".... To, "It really hasn't been miserable so far, but let's have a soup party anyway"....  March brings Canada Blooms, and then before you know it, winter's back will be officially broken - the design and planting season just around the corner  - my little light table will be full and I'll be derriere to the sky looking at my garden willing those little green shoots to present themselves.

Agastache & Solidago in the Morning Garden

With my first quarter full of expectations and fuelled by shortbread avoirdupois, I am in excellent shape to tackle this new year, and hope that you too have many happy and exciting things on your horizon for 2016!

From My Morning Walk to You - Happy 2016! 


Paul Jung said...

Wishing you and your family a great 2016 as well! Enjoying the mild winter as well so far, but my witch hazel bloomed way to early, sigh...

Kathy said...

No roses blooming here. We are more landlocked than you and get colder as a result. Speaking of digging out desks, I still have all my harvested seeds in paper bags, waiting to be cleaned. I haven't forgotten that I promised you some, and I resolve to get those paper bags off my desk before January is over!

Barbarapc said...

Paul - mine threatened to bloom before Christmas - loads of puffy buds, but no blooms - will have to see what happens in Feb/March - wonder if there are any blooms that were smart enough to stay inside so that you'll have at least a little Feb/March sunshine?
Kathy - That will be perfect - while my desk is decluttered, there are many other scary places around the house still awaiting my industry! I've got at least 5" of catalogues & that dreaded personal catalogue I've always wanted to do where I write down absolutely every plant I've ever grown in my garden......alas, no time line for that one. B

PlantPostings said...

Happy New Year! Yes, it has been quite mild here, too, but we're about to plunge into the deeper cold for the next week or so. I was hoping we could make it through the winter with no subzero F (-17C and below for you) weather at all. But the coming nights will be that cold. Still, good weather for planning this year's garden! Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

I am loving this mild winter although there have been a few really, really cold days. Hope the Landscape Ontario's Congress was interesting.
My dear son still looks white as a ghost, but his lower leg is pink not red and the swelling has really gone down. Tomorrow is the last day of IV treatments. Then he is onto regular antibiotics...

Glädjekällan said...

Lovely photos! Wish you, a little late, happy 2016!