Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring is a Calendar Concept, Not Reality

The freezing rain started early this a.m. and continues to fall.  The trees are making odd hollow clacking sounds as the branches brush up against each other.  Much better than sickening crack, crunch and crash when there's just too much weight to carry.  Lucky for us, the power is still on, the house is warm and I'm thinking it's going to be time for another pot of coffee very soon.

There have been abundant signs of spring:  We've had some very spring-like weather; visited Canada Blooms; and this weekend is Easter.  Everything pointed to the fact that spring was here today except for the weather that is very wintery.  

Under the category of "I am old enough and have gardened long enough to know better", I picked up this wonderful Hellebore Pink Frost at Canada Blooms.  (Problems again with iPhoto and Blogger - apologies for having to turn neck sideways.) Isn't it beautiful?

Now that's a good plant!  It looks equally as lovely in its professional photo as it does sitting on my deck in my photo.

At least it did.  Yes, like a fool I left it out on one of those -10C nights.  And the next morning, oh my, not so good.  Brought it in.  Tied it up gently, trying to convince it to revive itself, and fortunately for me, about 75% of it seems to be fine.  I have apologized and promised to keep it in a choice spot on the kitchen counter until Spring on the calendar matches the weather completely.

Ice photos are so much prettier with good light.  Unfortunately it looks as if we're going straight from freezing rain to rain and then clouds and more rain.  So no sparkles here, just little bits of ice chicklettes on the Chasmanthium.

And on the mini-evergreen.

And of course on the Hamamelis.  Thank goodness for just this wee bit of colour.

Fortunately this Japanese Maple is well tucked away.

I bet this Hellebore is wondering why only the new Hellebore get to go inside....

Heuchera 'Vienna'

My Akebia vine:

For all of you caught in the path of the storm, may your trees stay strong, and may we be celebrating spring on both the calendar and garden very, very soon!


Kathy said...

Freezing rain! Ack! So sorry! I just picked up a Pink Frost at the grocery store. I've been putting it outdoors a little more each day. Hopefully by the time I plant it out it will be tough enough to take whatever weather comes our way.

Barbarapc said...

And today, it's all gone. Much smarter than me Kathy - was wooed into thinking that winter really was leaving us much earlier. Such a lovely plant & am really impressed how it bounced back. Have put it in a periwinkle pot inside and it is making a very-spring-like statement for Easter. When it really is spring, I am thinking I'm going to put it close to the front door so I can check it out coming and going in the years to come.

Linda said...

Lovely photos. Warm greetings from Montreal.

PlantPostings said...

That's a beautiful Hellebore! We had the same weather yesterday. I was worried about the branches and the flowering plants, but most of them seem to have survived, miraculously. It looked so beautiful this morning with the bright sun shining through the ice on the trees!

William Braylen said...

best post

michael greenfingers said...

Since you have had a rest from planting and cutting amid the Winter months, the time has come to set up your yard for the surge of Spring and Summer. There is not an incredible arrangement to do, but rather the greater part of it is key to keep your garden looking delightful all through the hotter months.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barb I am so sick of this WINTER that will not quit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was actually 15 degrees yesterday now today rain and cooler temps ... but all week it is totally unstable ... I have Pink Frost and you will love it (once it is acclimated to your garden) I actually went out and cleaned up the hellebore bed yesterday in my pajamas ! haha
I wanted the rain to be able to reach the plants instead of all the dead foliage blocking it.
I love your witch hazel .. I want one too ... for now I better concentrate on how to and WHEN to get my garden up and running ... can't jump the gun ... the winter that won't just go away is still torturing us ! arrghhhhhhhhhhh !!

Barbarapc said...

And back at you Linda from Montreal!

PP I'm hoping the Hellebore will be a.o.k. at the end of all this - seemed much warmer this a.m. Was armed with my wooly hat and yanked it off after just a block. Looks like we're going to get some 50F weather by the end of the week - I'm going to reward myself with some garden time when I've finished up the taxes.

Thanks William.

Lots to think about in the months ahead - looking for more colour this year - and some reworking of some of my perennial beds. Hoping to reduce maintenance, or at least have it doable in one or two passes - we'll see if it works.

I can't believe it got that warm for you Joy - we only made it to about 5C or so. We got through that ice storm quite nicely fortunately. Only a couple of branches down in the 'hood. I can hardly wait to pull the leaves back to see what's what, but have to stop myself, it's just too early, and who knows what's next in Mother Nature's bag of tricks!