Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sneak Peak of the Toronto Botanical Garden Through the Garden Gate

40 garden communicators got a sneak peak of this year's Through the Garden Gate tour.  We got to see 7 of the 18 beautiful gardens that will be featured June 11th and 12th in The Kingsway.  This charitable event, in support of the Toronto Botanical Gardens, is in its 29th year and continues to be one of my favourites.  Everyone who participates puts on their very best:    There are gardens designed by Toronto's best landscape architects and tended by staff.  There are collector's gardens with cool plants and excellent labelling.  There's marvellous artwork.  There are gardens that may have been designed and built by professionals, but now are taken care of by owners.  There are even gardens where they've installed a whole new lawn.  How's that for hospitality?  I'd say that puts us right up there with The Queen.

So here's a taster of what you'll see on the tour:

Isn't this a fun idea!

Count the garden communicators on their devices, 1, 2, 3......

Old-fashioned and wonderfully perfumed containers.

Truly the secret to a beautiful container in Toronto - a watering system:

Small yard, nicely done.

A very pleasant front yard.

A back yard - this was the garage - it is set up for fun and entertainment.

It's very unusual to have a house so far set back in this 'hood.  It is right on the back lot line.

And John and Kathy Chris' collector's garden:

I had never seen one of these in the flesh.  Isn't it pretty?

Sara Katz (on the bike) & Terrence Eta (below) - garden star and tour leader - talked about Petals and Pedals.  Yet another way you can enjoy this great tour.

Just to let you know - this was merely for the camera - if you participate - you will be riding along side Terrence, not being transported by him!

And then, my favourite category, "If my husband loved me, and he robbed a bank, this is the garden I might have."  The zowie-wowie gardens:

This play area hangs over the Humber River Valley:

The rock garden seen from below - quite magnificent:

And another garden down the street using the Humber River Valley as a backdrop:

Same garden, more elegance....

A very cool pool:

And, then it was all over for the day.

One last look, and a thought - wouldn't this be the best place for a croquet party!

I was so lucky to have the chance to visit these fine gardens - and you can be to, if you decide to meet me "Through the Garden Gate" June 11th & 12th 2016!  Hope to see you then.  #TTGG16


Jim/ said...

Yowzer! Those are some nice gardens. And I'm sure your husband loves you – just not enough to get you that one garden. I can't make it there for the tour this year, but will plan on it for next year.

Jennifer said...

Great little summary of our preview day Barbara. We saw the same things and yet we took very different pictures. I always enjoy seeing something like this through someone else's eyes.

Anonymous said...

Barb girl these are truly jaw dropping gardens , I saw zowwie wowwie too ! LOL
That double flower trillium is magnificent .. that would be a dream plant for me.
I have tried to establish a new little colony in my shade garden area .. fingers crossed next year I might see some white wonders.
Great little tour of a huge community in Toronto .. thank you !
Joy : )

Paul Jung said...

Thanks for the great tour! Many great gardens in the Kingsway area as you've shown. I had one client in the past so I'm a little familiar with the look of both the gardens and architecture. But not one veggie in!