Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some Lovely Bling from Bloggers Fling '15

I have beautiful gardens dancing in my head.  The music is composed of the voices of all the great new blogging colleagues I met over the last 4-1/2 days.  Such an inclusive group of people from around the world - tied together by our love of gardens, nature and our passion of sharing our experiences.  We gabbed, walked (one day 8 miles), photographed, laughed and ate.  Even for someone like me who lives in this area, I saw so many sights that were new.  I looked at old familiar sights with new eyes and had so much fun being a horticultural tourist in my own backyard.  

So, starting on our last day - Monday - our trip through Burlington down to the Falls and back - here's a little of what we saw:

The Laking Garden with it's formal perennial beds looks onto the redone Iris garden (last year).  The iris have been moved back into their decade driven award-beds so you can get an idea of what was fashionable at a particular time.

We'd had a big thunderstorm the night before.  The air had stayed heavy so the raindrops stayed glued  to petals:

The rain seemed to have brought out some other creatures - just beside the rock, can you see the snapping turtle?  The staff said she'd been digging ever since they got there.

So prehistoric looking don't you think?

Here's Tara Nolan.  She said her father is involved in a turtle watch program and he'd been on the phone all a.m. with folks calling in with information about turtles laying eggs - it would seem that Burlington Bertha was in good company.

One of our esteemed organizers, Helen Battersby photographing 'Polished Bronze':

Such a good day for picture taking:

Is anyone else tired of plants that look like bruises?

From there it was off to Niagara Falls - many went scooting off to see the Falls.  Who can blame them?  But for me, I wanted to see the Titan Arum that should be blooming in about a week or so at the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse.

To show you just how fast it is growing - the second photo was taken 10 minutes later - look at how there are more folds of the flower starting to show to the left 3/4 of the way up (you can click on photo to make it bigger):

Those tree trunk looking stocks are the leaves of other Arums.  Amazing.  And that photographer pointed in another direction is Barbara Wise:

Such work and planning goes into a display like this - so absolutely gorgeous:

A few pretty blossoms from the conservatory:

And here's Jim who explained to any of you who are interested in visiting - there are so many sights in and around Niagara Falls.  For example, just a few blocks away is Harriet Tubman's church where she helped thousands of slaves escape to Upper Canada where they'd be free.  Would have loved to talk more, but had to dash to the bus.....

It was a really rainy day at the Falls:

Completely different weather than the last time we were there just a few months ago:

After the Falls, it was time for some wonderful private gardens in Niagara on the Lake.  These gardens had been on over the weekend and it was so kind of the owners to allow us to visit so soon after.

Do you know what that blob is?  No.  Yes.??  Well according to the artist it's exactly what you think it is.

There were formal and treed areas:

And sections where the plants were permitted to mingle:

My lovely bus-buddy Kathy Purdy:

Every year I see the most excellent poppies that aren't orange-red - and every year, I vow I'll get myself some.  Maybe this is the year.  What a great colour:

An new-to-look-old house & garden was next.  As someone who lives in an old-but-painted-to-look-newer home, it certainly is impressive.

The gate:

The view:

Sheryl & Beckie:

Not on the tour window boxes:

I really have to get some poppies.  These at the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens:

And maybe some roses - 'Northern Encore':

I do like Hakonechloa as a ground-cover - but at $20/plant, I may have to settle for a specimen plant.

From here it was back home - my wonderful husband picked me up at the halfway point in Grimsby, and I said goodbye to my new tribe of friends.  I am hoping to see many of them in the years ahead at future flings around North America.  Thank goodness there are those blogs that brought us together in the first place - they'll have to do until we get to see each other at next year's fling.


Margaret said...

The Niagara tour was amazing, wasn't it, and so jam packed. I wish we had more time, but I guess that's just a great excuse to go back for a visit this summer!

www.ravenscourtgardens. com said...

IT was wonderful to meet you! Great post, thank you for sharing pictures of the falls last winter I couldn't even imagine what it looked like when it was explained to me. Happy Gardening!

Glädjekällans Trädgårdsblogg said...

What loveley gardens and irises you show us!
Thank You!

Pat Webster said...

So sorry not to see you on Monday but I slept until almost 7:30... So glad then to see your post about what I missed. Also read the earlier post about your garden and the bluebells on Dorval Dr. Wow. Quite wonderful. Hope to see you again, Barbara.

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

It was super meeting you Barbara and I look forward to following your blog and garden adventures! I would love to visit the falls during the winter (if I could handle the temperatures)they looks stunning.

Barbarapc said...

Margaret - it was indeed. There were so many places I've always wanted to visit in the GTA - and was delighted to be able to finally see them. While there were repeats for me this day - there's never a day that's exactly the same in any garden.
Laurin - and to meet you too Laurin - just had to show people what the Falls looked like in winter - the strange part as well is how quiet it is as well with all the water falling onto the ice.
Birgitta - am headed back to show my mother the iris today - they were exceptionally beautiful. Am so glad they redid the beds - next year it should be perfectly glorious.
Pat - if I could have magically slept and been at the gardens, I would have done it. It was another long and lovely day. Hope to see you again soon too. B.
Karin - I enjoyed meeting you too - should you ever decide to visit in the winter - there are lots of wonderful sights - it's only a matter of finding the right jacket, a pair of snowpants, a touque, some mitts, a scarf, some long johns and you'll be good for at least an hour or two - and then there's always hot chocolate - hope to see you next year!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Barbara, I enjoyed chatting with you a lot. Thanks for introducing me to the maple candies. Gave my Mother in law some when I got home.
Love the contrast photos of the falls this week and when they were frozen.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello again Barb girl !
I so wish I could have been there too ... that metal sculptured gate is spectacular, I want one too ! ... and the horizonless pool/water feature ... so gorgeous !
The poor plants being pounded by the rain .. it would have to happen when everyone was set to take pictures ... BIG sigh !
In any case .. great photos girl !
Joy : )

Barbarapc said...

Janet, enjoyed our conversations as well - so glad you were able to find more maple candies to gift to your MIL. Just had to show the winter photos - explaining just doesn't do it...
Joy - save your pennies and think about it for next year - such a lovely group of folks. Several new people, like me, and all made to feel very welcome. I think you'd have a blast. B.

Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to next year already, too. It looks like the Niagara Falls day was great fun, despite the rain. The hubby and I had planned to take a side trip to the falls before heading west, but when I saw the forecast, we changed our plans and drove home all in one day. Thanks for sharing some of the local information with me and being my touring buddy a couple of times. This Monday wrap-up is great! That garden with the infinity pool is fabulous!

Donna@GWGT said...

Wow, you saw some nice gardens. I love iris and that garden is beautiful. I bet you got wet though. I was watching the rain since my garden needed it. Too bad the Niagara trip got rained on though. I like your icy shots. Did you know that the park had loads of tourists this winter. Last year with the media saying the Falls was frozen, it created a boom in traffic. I used to call it my park in winter because I was the only visitor besides the trolley driver. Not any more!

Julie @ Southern Wild Design said...

Nice pictures! It's fun to see what caught the eye of other Flingers! Looking forward tot he next Fling! ~Julie