Thursday, April 7, 2016

It Has Been a Very Silly Month

We have had more snow this month than we did in January and February.  I know, more than next to nothing isn't much.  But enough already.  I'm tired of building snowmen.

On our morning walk two Sundays ago, heard this hideous honking racket.  Looking up I found these two bad-boys, honking up a storm, looking for action.

For the folks who live below, I can't imagine they're getting much sleep these days.

Back at home, the Hamamelis is earning its stars:

Last Saturday we had an ice and snow squall.  Coming back from Aurora after dinner, the road signs were completely blanked out from the sticky mess.  But in the dark you could see how magical the trees looked.  It was a little disappointing that the wind picked up overnight and knocked the white off - but you can see, still very pretty.

The Hydrangea looking lovely frosted.  

Couldn't have staged this one if I'd tried.

Clematis seeds at their cuddly-buddly best.  This is one of the few vines that is showing new buds.

More snow, and yet the Hamamelis still looks great!

It's at times like this when I'm glad, I didn't get around to doing an early spring-cutback.

Bart looking none-too-impressed with the weather or his outfit.

You really have to be wise when you look for things that are very early.  Who knew the question you had to ask was, "Will it grow tall enough so I can still see it after it snows?"

Ice, snow and bits of colour.

It may be snowy, it may be cold, but the Lake is still beautiful.

And beneath the bits of snow, you can see in spots that some greening-up action is going on.

But then we got another dump of snow.  Found Mr. Robin out in the garden.  Used my telephoto to capture him.  Well, almost.

Too high, better a little lower.  Thank goodness I'm not licensed to carry a weapon.

Third time's the charm.  A good breath hold, press down with right hand lightly, press up with left to steady the camera and Bob's your uncle.  One confounded robin wondering what on earth is going on.

So from my snowy world to yours....hope it's warming up in your garden, and that April shakes its silliness very, very soon.

p.s.  Just because I can - here are the latest photographs of the only performing plant in my garden:


Paul Jung said...

Given how prolonged this winter has been, weather-wise, all I can say is thank G*d for our witch hazels!

Barbarapc said...

Oh Paul - my thoughts exactly! B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Barb girl ... you already know I lust after your witch hazel, so I will just leave it at THAT ! haha ... love the shots of the fluffy clematis seed heads .. they are perfect!
Great shot of the robin and it says it all right now eh ? .. I have to remember to hold my breath too with shots like that .. a cardinal pops in the back garden every once in a while and do you think I can get a shot of him ... he teases the ever living life out of me !LOL
Fingers crossed next week looks good ... maybe some garden clean up if we don't get dumped on yet again !
Hang in there : )
Joy said...

Our weather in Montreal is the same -- a crazy on-again, off-again spring, with more snow than anyone in their right mind wants to see now. Ugh!

Kathy said...

Very kind of you to call April silly--I know others have used much ruder words. The fall blooming witch hazel grows wild here, but I need to add some spring blooming ones. Is yours 'Arnold's Promise'?

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Beautiful photos, but yes ... everyone seems to be thinking the same way. Well, everyone in the eastern half of North America, anyway. The west appears to be having record warmth. I'm jealous. Tonight we'll be down to 21F/-6C, with very little snow for insulation. I covered some plants, but I can't cover them all. Oh well. Hang in there--spring really will win this battle ... eventually. ;-)

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Our robins were not so lucky as we had many days of snow and cold...thankfully they found some berries....and while we had loads of snow in Jan. and Feb., winter wasn't done.....but oh I am ready to move on. Silly month indeed April.

Jennifer said...

I always love your sense of humour. And this cluster of sentences is just terrific: "You really have to be wise when you look for things that are very early. Who knew the question you had to ask was, "Will it grow tall enough so I can still see it after it snows?" Sadly it is too true! When is spring getting here I want to know.

Barbarapc said...

Joy, I'm thinking Thursday will be the day where I try to not put myself into traction. Fingers crossed that it is a big swath of almost warm, or at least sunny, so I can think of you beavering away in your garden too!
Pat, A buddy sent me a photo of her yard - she's in Boisbriand - I stopped whinging right away. It may be unpleasant but nothing like folks in the Montreal or northern or township areas. May we all finally get spring for real.
Kathy, lol, I believe it is Arnold's - plant was an end-of-season messinapot. Looking at the photos, it comes closest and definitely a nicer strong yellow than some of the others. B.
Beth, Couldn't believe the warm they've been having out west. Every time I look at a photo at a western blog I'm beyond jealous. But as I said to Pat - we really haven't had much of a winter....but we're not having much of spring either are we? With this cold weather, at least we'll be able to tell readers with some authority which plants can handle really cold temperatures when they have fully leafed out.
Donna - you and me, and so many others too!
Jennifer - Thanks. The moment I find out, I'll have your phone on speed-dial to let you know!

Unknown said...

Hi, I live in the U.K. so compared to you I have nothing to complain about cold weather wise however we have been experiencing "springlike" weather until yesterday when I had to cover all my seedlings to protect from frost again.