Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Signs of Spring

This morning in the Toronto Star they published photos from readers from across the GTA who shared their snapshots of Spring. I must admit I was jealous of those who have crocus and snow drops blooming away. Most of my beds are still covered with at least 20 cm of hard crusty ice and snow - and I've just learned that we've got another 5 cm of the white stuff on its way. Mercy.

Canada Blooms is always one of my Spring traditions. This year, my favourite flowers were the tulips. Apparently this year, according to our tour guide, was a very difficult year for forcing due to the lack of sunshine. However, the tulips were just fabulous - here are some from the Brampton display. Imagine giving over one of your garden beds to plant so many tulips so close together. There would be so many blossoms, even the squirrels wouldn't be able to eat them all.

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