Friday, March 28, 2008

Travel Memories for a Slow Spring

I had hoped to pop in a photo of some crocus, or maybe a snowdrop or two from my garden, but no such luck. Alas, it just happens to be one of these winters that comes and stays. At this time last year, I was able to take photos of Hellebores - this year, they're still buried under snow.
Every time I look outside, I just long for warmth and green. So, next best thing to taking a new trip is enjoying pictures from the past. Here is a snapshot I took from the Dominica Botanic Garden. It is affiliated with Kew Gardens and has a lovely collection of old tropical plants from around the world. When we arrived at the gates that Sunday a.m. we could hear the voices singing at an open air church service - vendors were busy preparing food - the gardens were full of people and activity. So lovely to see a well used public facility. And, a word of note, while the guide books and front gate signs say - the garden is closed on Sunday - unofficially they are open - you can walk right in. Don't worry if the signage isn't perfect - I found I was able to match my photos to the information at their website.
It is a gem of a garden - and one of the highlights of our Caribbean trip from 2006.

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