Friday, April 11, 2008

A Garden Treasure - The George Eastman House

Just returned back from Rochester NY where my mother and I enjoyed the most lovely visit to the George Eastman House. The magnificent mansion was home to George Eastman - the founder of Kodak.

The gardens weren't officially open yet - but the gardeners were hard at work trimming and cleaning up the garden beds. This wonderful sight was the largest swath of winter aconite (Eranthus hyemalis) I've ever seen. And, what a clever planting. Very little grows really well under beech trees; but just look at how pretty this spring carpet of yellow is! Obviously if you're still trying to grow grass under one of these lovely elephant-legged monsters - ignore this post, but if you've given over the area to wood chips and mulch, just imagine if you were to include some of these little bulbs next fall under your trees - while you may never have the 37-room mansion - there's no reason why you can't have a bit of gold under your beech tree next spring!

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