Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gardener Gone Wild!

It's been a busy hour of sowing tomato and pepper seeds. My tomato partner Frank and I held back this year and are only growing 13 different varieties of tomatoes and 7 varieties of peppers.

Many of the varieties we're trying are from Renee's Garden What I really like about her selections is that she offers several varieties in one package. As you can see from the photograph for two different Thai Peppers - there are red seeds for the Red Demon (aptly named) and plain for the Orange Fogo - a variety for salads. In addition to the deadly little Red Demon Thai peppers that Frank likes to dry and pass around the table after people have had enough wine to drink - we're growing Red Savina - a Habanero Chile that according to the seed package "tips the Scoville unit scale at 380,000" and holds a Guiness Book of World Record.

In fact the Harvest and Use instructions says it's important to use eye protection and gloves when handling the peppers. Just the sort of thing you want to see when growing a food product!

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