Monday, May 5, 2008

Lots To Do in the Garden

Really heavy rain on Saturday afternoon - and a gorgeous day on Sunday. Was able to get into the garden and have my great big blue wheelbarrow just bursting with leaves and last year's hosta flower stocks.

This week's chores involve ordering well rotted manure & compost combination to top dress lawn and beds. The poor old lawn is suffering terribly - so I'll give it a short cut; make sure it is weed free; and spread the organic material over it all. Will have to wait at least a week or two before I seed - the evening temperatures must be above 12C or 50F for the grass to germinate.

I had hoped to establish some sort of vegetable garden in the front/side yard; but it looks as if this is not going to be. Although we've lost three trees in the yard, it seems that both the trees on both sides of our property have filled in - leaving just a few patches of truly sunny area. So instead, I'm going to find those sunny spots in my flower beds and intersperse veggies with flowers.

Still have 4 more beds to clean up - but a day or two should take care of that, and then of course there's the edging. Not my favourite thing to do, but it all looks so great after - I just keep that in mind as I work my magic around each bed.

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