Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Rain Continues!

It's cold, just 8C today. Sitting in the living room I can see all the chores that need to be done - beds to be edged; leaves to be pulled out; branches, that are well and truly dead that need to be cut out of bushes; grass that needs to be top-dressed with compost.....and it will all just have to wait until this glorious rain stops.

This photo is from last week at the Royal Botanical Gardens - these were about the only two tulip beds that were in bloom - one was a lovely orange and other was a fantastic eye-bleeding red. A colour that my digital camera really can't seem to handle properly.

I've got doggie company today and for the next few weeks - Simba, the big old lion of a golden retriever, has come to stay. Forgotten what it's like to type to a background noise of continuous panting - brings back good memories of my old Saint Agatha.

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