Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Garden is Looking Positively Tropical

More rain last evening and sticky hot this a.m. - what a wonderful year to be a gardener. My transplants that I did earlier in the week look just fine - I moved the Aconitum napellus into the front yard away from my pots of herbs.

As you may know, all parts of monkshood are deadly poisonous - and while I would know not to pick a leaf when collecting herbs for dinner - others might not - so it is now taking up residence in the front yard where it will look stunning when it blooms in the fall. The plant was also called wolfbane, because a potion made from the plant, was used on arrows to kill wolves. In its old spot, I've put another 'grab bag' clematis that I've got no idea of what it might be - will include a photo when it blooms. It's in bud now and in spite of the transplant still looks very good.

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Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Looking rather lush!

I need more poisonous plants!