Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long September Shadows

It was a brilliant Labour Day w/e. Unbelievable sunshine. Had to water for only the third time this gardening season. The lawn would normally be an unremarkable tan colour going into the fall as the blue grass and fescues go dormant in the heat and dry. However, here we are September 2nd and the grass is a wonderful green. The starlings have made their return to do their "The Birds" movie thing in the beech trees in the early evening devouring the beech nuts. There are so many of them it really makes my skin crawl. Then, in the morning it's the squirrels who risk life and limb climbing out and upside down to get whatever's left behind.

It's been a year of more squirrels - but far less bunnies - thanks either to Parker the cat who has a serious case of bunny-belly.....or one of those 15cm slugs that's turned to protein after a good feed of ornamental horticulture. Nothing like a summer of record rainfall and lots of leaf growth to provide ideal growing conditions for those slippery, slimy, not-so-little creatures.

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