Monday, October 27, 2008

TWTW - So Here Are Some Walk Photos

Good day for chores: sent off money to the Federal Government - a task that cheers me to my very bones, a card dropped in the mail to a friend with surgery on the horizon, express mailed my scarf to Kathryn Hall, grocery shopped and soon, I'll be putting on some short ribs to slow cook. All this and no garden work, because it's just too wet to work in the garden today.

But, what's a fall blog without some new pretty photos. So, without further ado, here are my photos from yesterdays stroll to 16 Mile Creek.


Gail said...

Beautiful favorite fall shots are always the yellow trees framed by the beautiful sky! gail

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, thanks for taking us along. Those short ribs sound pretty good too. Yum. Love the white berries.


Barbarapc said...

Gail - the yellow and blue together just make my heart sing too.
Frances - the ribs were great - nothing like having slow cooked food on a cold wet day.