Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Archer Arrives on Monday

Just got the news that we're to foster a Guide Dog poodle puppy named Archer starting on Monday. His real foster parents are headed off for a month-long trip to New Zealand. He's 4 months old and white. Big Warning......Get ready for lots of puppy pictures!

Headed outside to see if there was anything on this blue-lips day to see what's what. Stumbled upon the bird bath full of leaves. It will come in tomorrow. Look at that splendid blackspot on that pretty yellow maple leaf.

Going to have to work harder to capture this wacko seed head from one of my mystery grab-bag clematis. The wind was fierce and I really think that with a bit of work, there's a much better shot there.
A+ for Carex - what a wonderful, dependable grass for the shade. Yes, I know it's not tall, and sexy with lots of seed-heads this time of year. But look, no insect damage. It's growing when it should be resting, how can you not like this good grass?

Here are two more varieties of Carex - Ice Dancer on the left.

Who knew that 'Lady in Red' Athyrium wore white underpants? With everything else so lovely in yellow, red, brown and orange, her background leaf colour really stands out.

Here's a plant I really would recommend - although in warmer climates, I'm not too sure how invasive it would be. Saruma henryi - note the resemblance to ginger Asarum (and how they've goofilly changed the letters arround to make saruma). Nice unusual yellow flowers that are held right at the centre of the heart of the leaf.

Here's Paul's Glory - looking not too bad with Winchester, Agatha & Ansel Adams headstone. No doubt after today's cold the leaves will have completely collapsed.

Stay tuned for puppy pictures in the garden. I guess I better enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.


Northern Shade said...

The clematis seedhead looks intriguing. How nice to have a lush green still on the carex. That's a great trait for extending the garden season. Your Athyrium is looking ghostly for Halloween.

Barbarapc said...

N.S. Indeed it is!