Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Snow of the Year & Archer Day 17-19

For more first snowfall photos - check out Nancy Bond's blog at

Everything was covered by a blanket of snow last night. Looking at the colourful post from earlier in the week - it's almost as if we've gone back to Kansas from Oz; that is if Kansas got this much snow. This is the view from my office window - you'll notice the nice ceramic pot sitting on the patio - that's the one that contained the wasps' nest. I tried to remove the contents yesterday - frozen in like cement. Let's hope for a bit of warmth so I can try again.

First snow is always so pretty. It was the perfect snow fall - just enough to enjoy, but not enough to shovel.

The light was exceptionally flat this a.m. Got a bit of colour when the sun broke through the clouds - though not enough for any really good lighting for close-ups.

Here's the poor allium covered in snow.

Look, a sunflower shower-head covered in snow.

What's left of the Thalictrum - didn't cut it down because it was still green.

Morning walk with Carrie - don't know if you remember this sight from a week or so ago, but the leaves were yellow, orange and red. Lake Ontario just blends into the sky.

This is the edge of a private garden - the designer has done a splendid job - you can see how it's going to look terrific even in the winter.

And last but not least, Archer the Foster Dog Guide Puppy and what he's been up to from here on for the dog-phobic stop reading now!
Archer seems to be snow-neutral, unlike my great danes or saints who went wacko every year on the first day of snow. While he seems to enjoy eating it - there's been no new rolling or excessive running, jumping and all round silliness, just the usual excessive running, jumping and profound happy silliness.

Today with dear old Simba, he jumped on his back, collapsing the old fellow. Normally Simba would have put any other puppy in his place - fortunately for Archer he got off lucky - not even a growl from the big guy. Although he was probably just using all his energy just to stand up again. We ran into Justin later on and Archer threw himself at him full throttle and started to dash and dive straining on the end of the lead. I said, "Archer's going to be a guide dog." And he started to laugh, "You're kidding right?!"

However, looking at Archer's first snow picture, hard to believe that he'd ever do anything naughty. I bet he'll be a wonderful guide dog....when he's a little older.


Frances said...

Hi Barbara, that face on Archer made me forget about the other photos I was going to comment on! So sweet. The snow does look clean and festive. It really dresses up empty branches and evergreens alike.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

We had the same snow. If the snow stayed like this - fluffy, pretty, but not enough to shovel, all would be good.

easygardener said...

Looking at your snow pictures I get all of the enjoyment and none of the chill. Doesn't it make everything look beautiful - your sunflower is looking rather tired!

Barbarapc said...

Frances - it's been a DAY....little monkey - good job he's got such a cute mug.
Jim - hope you're not getting that dump from S.W. Ontario - what a mess - 15" on the ground and another 20" scheduled for today. I'm with you - I like this Hollywood sort of snowfall.
E.G. - that sunflower is rather ratty - am leaving it for the little creatures - but I think the neighbours are feeding them much better stuff that's easier to get at. Kind of sad when the birds and squirrels turn up their noses at sunflowers.

Anonymous said...

You must have one of the most wonderful views, so close to the water! Thanks for the heads up - I'll be adding your fist flakes right away. :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

The fluffy wet snows are always the prettiest how it clings to everything. It makes everything look beautiful.I have a couple of frozen pots also that I had to stick in the basement so they will thaw out.

Barbarapc said...

Nancy - we are indeed fortunate to live so close to the water & have such great walkways and parkettes to enjoy it all.
H.H.G. - On one hand I believe the wasps will be gone from that pot, on the other - I'm glad Kevin's parking his car in the garage.