Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Walk to the Lake & Archer Days 20 & 21

Just a beautiful Sunday morning. Kevin & I took Archer down the lake for a good long walk - and 1st time ever - he's actually sleeping after his walk - pure bliss.

We changed our route so that we could get some new photo ops & a little more exercise. I was delighted to find these clematis seed heads - and vow to go back to do a better job with my camera. Was wearing my sunglasses and find I have trouble seeing the screen with them - and blind as a bat as I am - practically impossible without them. So definitely a good subject to play with on another day.
Quite surprised to see just how new they are and unlike my clematis seed heads that are brown - these have such a pretty under cast of green.

Oh look, a ChApple Tree!
Can you believe the colour & light. Hopefully we stored up a few rays to keep us going over the next few cloudy days.So this marks our last week with Archer, the guide dog - Marion and Don return at the end of the week. Am going to schedule play dates with his cousin Percy the Poodle and CiCi Ambrose - go for lots of walks and work on the "Stay" command - something he regards as sort of a suggestion at the moment.
Wonder if he'll miss his walks to the lake...I know we will.


Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Barbara,
It was nice to have you visit my blog...and I'm glad you did so I could look at yours. You have so many interesting things happening in your life. Your flowers still look lovely and despite the snow, many are hanging on. Not for long, of course!
I love your doggies. We have a Standard Poodle and just love him. Best dog I've ever had! I'll stop by again! Take care, Jan

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, oh how we are going to miss Archer. He definitely will miss your walks and you guys! Your photos of the grasses and clemmie seed head are fabulous! I love that green tint. I too cannot see very well and would not be able to take a photo with only sunglasses on. :-)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Barbara, what is a chapple? :)
Is "Ghost" an Athyriums ?

Barbarapc said...

Jan: Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. We've heard from so many people about what lovely pets the poodles are - next one I'm going to get for me rather than just be borrowed!
Frances: So glad I got out when the sun was shining - it's sooooo grey.
H.H.G: Ghost is a great athyrium - much bigger and more drought tolerant than any of the others. I actually thought it might be a graft until I crawled around their fence and saw the two trunks coming out of the same 1sq foot of ground.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I've been enjoying yours, and love to see Archer and his progress. (or lack thereof!) Pretty views of the snow, but you can have it. Not a big winter fan, that's for sure! It makes me miss my flowers too much.