Friday, November 7, 2008

Morning Walk & Archer Days 3-5

This is a photo taken on my first official morning walk with Archer & my dear friend Carrie. The weather has been quite unseasonally warm and blissfully beautiful. You could barely pick up any colour from Lake Ontario (you'd normally be able to see in this shot through the trees to the right). Toronto about 40k away was nowhere to be seen - the whole city had melted into the fog and mist.
There's a young fellow who from time to time comes down to the lake and makes these little rock sculptures - after several months of nothing - he's back again.

I had never seen Scaevola or fan flower after it had been smacked by frost - who knew that the stems and leaves all turned this great maroon colour?

The gardens around the hospital down the street are always kept so nicely. I always watch for the last of the hardy/wild roses.

Again...puppy warning...all references to gardening include the dog from here on in....
The last few days have just been a blur. My normal semi-organized life has been rearanged by Archer, or more formally known as "Archer Leave", "Archer Off", "Archer No", and "Archer Drop It" and on many occasions, "Good Boy Archer". The leaves are in need of raking - I still have 200 bulbs to plant - and the hosta have taken on the consistency of semi-textured slime. But, if the ground isn't frozen (and it isn't), I've got plenty of time to get the rest of the tulips in and well, I can always clean up the rest of the garden in the spring. Did try to plant bulbs with Guide Dog Archer tied to my jeans - had visions of Bette Davis in 'Dark Victory' going through my mind. Got 120 bulbs in before I gave up.

Today he joined me in the bath. Just climbed right in. No need to repeat that experience now that we've done it once. I've finally found my old Saint Agatha's old toys - far too big I suppose, but Archer loves them. He's tearing around the house with the old Kong - this indestructable hard rubber thingie - Kevin said, "It must be a 5th of his body weight, just like you carrying a case of beer!"

And the ever clever doggie boy has found his way past the barriers and into my garden - here he is making his way in.

And now that he's in - what do you think my chances are that I'll be able to keep him out? Slim to none? Place all bets.


Frances said...

How funny about the bath! He has really taken a shine to you. But he has such a sweet face, maybe he won't do any digging in the garden for you, or maybe you could direct him to dig the holes for the bulbs! I am impressed with the scaevola stems too, reason alone to plant it. Also love the rock sculptures, too cool. Thanks for taking us along on the walk. We needed some exercise. ;->

Anonymous said...

Greetings from grandmother's garden and patchwork store near Hamilton New Zealand. So happy to see Archer and your fabulous garden photos. I hope that you have a crate from Dog Guides so that Archer can have a quiet time and you can have a life without the constant supervisory job of garding your possessions.
We are glad to see the great scenery on your walks with Archer Poodle.

Thinking of you from springtime in North Island of New Zealand.

Regards, Marion and Don Boucher

Gail said...

He is too cute! I don't mind him coming with us on walks...he will keep us all laughing. I love the can call them inuksuks if you are Inuit or cairn sculptures if you want. My husband and I saw them in Canada. He made one for our garden! Gail

easygardener said...

Doesn't he look pleased with himself! "What barrier" he says. Nowhere is inaccessible it seems - including the bath. That did make me laugh.
Those sculptures go so well with the sea.

Barbarapc said...

Frances - you're the best - love the idea of him digging for bulbs - wouldn't that be a scream!
Marion & Don - isn't the internet fabulous - so glad you could see your baby while you're on vacation! We do have the crate & are using it - I've never ever seen such a lively boy - what a charmer!
Gail: I love happening upon inukshuks too when I'm on a hike. And, also have one in my garden that was made by a delightful little girl named Madison - even wrote her a story about him.
E.G. He is a smart one, and during the day has many opportunities to use just that look!