Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fab Fall Weather & Archer Day Deux

Garden stuff up top & dear Archer the Dog Guide at the end of this post. 17C today - still a bit wet for planting - will endeavour to finish up bulbs and odds and ends tomorrow. Here are a few of the sights I found around the garden.

Some hosta make the most brilliant seed pods - others, absolutely nothing. Love the shiny black seeds in the old tattered casings.

The Japanese Maple is at its peak. Planted it to screen out the street from the dining room. This variety starts out red in the spring, changes to green and then is this wonderful orange red. Just spectacular.

And, of course once you start taking photos, you just can't stop.

This is the Hamamelis with some old Agastache blooms. Not the best photo by a long run, but certainly reminds me why I like those French country blue and yellow patterns.

What a wonderful understory shrub the Witch Hazel is: It takes shade; blooms in March with snow all about; has a lovely scent before there's anything that smells like plants; and in the fall it is a carnival of colour.

So hard to capture the Oak Leaf Hydrangea - still not perfect, but a pretty good representation of what it looked like today.

No garden is complete without plants that remind you of Dr. Seuss....these little bits of green will be have shocking orange red flowers next year.

No laughing, this is the stupendous colour of the Gymnocladus dioicus, Kentucky Coffeetree - a tree whose name is currently bigger than it is. I grew it from seed two years ago - yes, this is why it's in today's Rogues Gallery.

Place all bets - will this Alcea bloom in its 1st year......

Yeah, Erodium!

Great colour this year for the gooseneck loosestrife - nothing like record rainfall to make this look like a big fat fancy plant.

Now, for those of you who want to stop at plants - go no further....for those of you who want to learn more about Dog Guide Archer....continue on, this was day deux.

Well, as I've told my friends we have the perfect dog for the sight impaired marathon runner. This little cutie wastes no time sleeping. 3+ walks so far today - next 60 minute walk to come. This a.m. don't know if I was more disappointed with Archer who roared back into the house after dispatching a squirrel from the yard and then pooping in the house - or the elegant man in the PJ's who was sitting right next to the dog and said, "Barbara, you better come here quickly I think he's going to poo." First not nice words of the day. Felt sorry immediately for dog, not man in PJ's.

We put on our work pinnie and headed over to the Oakville Humane Society for our Oakville temporary license - free because he's a guest of Oakville as a foster dog.

One of the things I didn't realize, but makes perfect sense is that Dog Guides cannot piddle on their appointed route - so everything must be done before and after the walk. Good on our Archer, because he hasn't peed at all on his walks. Not bad for a 4 month old puppy.

Here he is late afternoon - he's been on a panty run. Never had a retriever before. Very odd to find your undies in the living room. Also, he has this very odd habit when I take a bath of putting his front paws on my knees and back paws on the edge of the tub. At which point I said to him, "Well Archer, now what?"


easygardener said...

Archer sounds like a lot of fun though perhaps he should avoid squirrels in future - they obviously don't agree with him. Very off putting results, especially at breakfast time :-)
Nice colours in the garden too.

Barbarapc said...

When I've got him trained - will loan him out to dispatch your clever tool-wielding rodents!

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, something for everyone here. Your photos are exquisite, the hosta seeds are indeed art. What is the Dr. Seuss plant, the leaves are so elegant and orange flowers? Where do I sign??? Archer the marathoner, well there might be a call for that. Very specialized doggie. We is looking better about his hair.

Northern Shade said...

Your Japanese maple sounds like it tries to colour coordinate for every season. The photo looking up at its branches highlights its glorious colour. You must watch the Gymnocladus dioicus with special pride, having grown it from seed. It will be great when it is a tall shade tree, and you can sit under it.
Archer seems to have a lot of personality, and will make a good companion.

Gail said...

Archer is a wonderful looking dog...look at how he looks at you as you take his photo! He adores you.

You are growing some of my favorite plants...The Hamamelis is way up there! Classic blue and gold never goes out of style. Seed heads have been capturing my attention these days...there is much more going on with some of them then dried bits with seeds.


Barbarapc said...

Frances - thank you - it is a great plant. And wouldn't you know - I've raked the tag out to the curb. Will need to label the extras for the plant sale & will let you know when I find out from Belinda.
N.S. It really is one of my favourites. Apparently in 15 years I will have a shade tree. I got all 6 seeds to germinate www.gardensnorth.com/ & spread them around to friends. We've lost so many old trees on the property - I'm looking forward to putting things back they way they were.
Gail: Archer is a dear. I've always had bigger dogs - Saints & Danes. He's my first poodle. There is something quite sweet and gentle about him. I keep saying "you're going to be a wonderful help to someone" - to remind myself that his stay here is just a short stop on his journey to his guide dog life.