Monday, December 15, 2008

Long walks and Cookies

I've been off the computer for several days now, fully engaged in the Christian Women's Fat and Sugar Exchange - a.k.a. Christmas baking (and I fear eating). I've been leaving pound after pound of butter on the counter to come to room temperature and then whipping it into submission incorporating it into yet another caloric, artery clogging delight.

Forced march was in order. Walked down to the lake, this time to Raymar Estates. All that is left of the Estate is this very grand sea wall and steps which must have been used to go for a swim in Lake Ontario - sadly, something that we cannot do any more because the water is so filthy.

It was 10C - or 50F - amazing for this time of year. We're expecting the temperature to drop below freezing by 4:00 p.m. today. If I'm feeling frisky tomorrow - I might go down to the same spot to see just how high the waves got and if there are any good icicles to photograph.

Not the best photo by far, but still find it fascinating to see what the digital does to reds - these were a very, very dark maroon and yet here look like something you'd expect to see soaking up a little whiskey in a Manhattan.

With the retreat of the snow - can you believe how lovely and green the grass is! Makes such a good backdrop to these Rose of Sharon seed heads.

I always enjoying seeing everyones baking and food, so have included my favourite cookies so far this season - Orange, cranberry, white chocolate, walnut drop cookies....delicious!


Frances said...

Hi Barbara, you are so funny, and a good cook too! Those cookies look like they should jump off the computer screen and into my open and salivating mouth! What a fantastic wall by the water. That must have been quite the estate in its day. I loved your Manhatten metaphor, they do look just like cherries!

Gail said...


The cookies look delish and I did enjoy your whipping the butter into submission...caloric...delight!

I didn't realize that Lake Ontario was so polluted. We have ruined some of our best resources. Sigh.

Have a good week.


easygardener said...

Christmas baking - tasty delights with no guilt attached - Christmas just encourages indulgence and rightly so!

Cynthia said...

I echo what Gail said about Lake Ontario being polluted. So sad.

The cookies look and sound yummy! There is just something about the holidays when it seems almost like a crime to not enjoy all the fattening but ever so good treats!

Barbarapc said...

Frances - spoke to someone who lived here when it was still around - doesn't remember the house so much as the property - quite grand.
Gail & Cynthia - part of the problem with the lake is being the last great lake in the chain - everything flows into Lake Ontario - the old the storm sewer systems for the towns and cities that border on the lake don't work effectively, plus the fact we've been able for many years just to flush everything into it expecting it all to disappear - very sad.
E.G. Xmas Cookies are an essential part of my diet every fact, I think it's time I took a break to get one or two.
Cynthia - I like that not eating cookies is a crime theme - I'm taking that to heart and it will become my mantra for the next 10 days. Many thanks!

ConsciousGardener said...

I like your writing and the cookies sound devilish. Orange + Cranberry is always a winner.

Beautiful images:)