Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looks Like it Will be a White Christmas

10 cm of snow (a little under 5") last night. Everything that had been grey and depressing has been transformed. These little rose hips were photographed just before the clouds broke. Still a bit 2-dimensional. The same with these Euonymus elatus berries - great colour, but not much shape.
And then the sun came out, -5C (not cold), no wind and so it was back to the Lake to see if I could get icicles.
Isn't everything so much better when the sun is shining?

Quite surprisingly, the lake was in a bigger uproar than it was on the stormy day - wish I'd taped the sound - just fantastic.

And best of all, I spotted some icicles to capture. Unfortunately I would have had to crawl by this and through the water. And so, I wussed out. Am still thinking how great those shots would have been.

We'll be able to enjoy this pretty little dump of snow for a few days and then on Friday, we're supposed to get a Storm, capital 'S'. 20 cm - 8" or so. Nothing like what we used to have in Montreal where there would be at least double that and everyone would still roar around like nothing had happened.

And all the time I lived in Quebec, I never saw a heated driveway - all those folks who want double ovens, fireplaces in the bath and staircases worthy of Scarlett - if I had to do it again and I had a big long drive - this would be my luxury of choice. snow.


Frances said...

Hi Barbara, wow, I have never seen a heated driveway, or even heard of such a thing! What a luxury! I don't blame you for not getting the icicle shots, that water looks COLD! We enjoyed seeing the estate steps anyway with the snow covering. Do stay warm and dry with the coming Storm!

JIm/ArtofGardening said...

Damn the lake looks frigid! A heated driveway, now that would be nice. Not in this lifetime, I'm afraid. Stay warm

Thanks For 2 Day said...

You have such a wonderful home and garden! That lake looks like the ocean on the coast of Maine! I used to live there, so I know! I love the rosehip photo, it actually looks like a little dried cranberry. The steps going down are awesome, and the thought of a heated driveway? Well, let's just say that sounds more than amazing. Must be nice:)) Have a Merry Christmas! Jan

Barbarapc said...

Frances - stormageddon still headed this way as scheduled - love a good snow fall.
Jim - no heated drive in my future either. Looks like you'll be getting the first bit of snow before it makes it's way around the lake.
Jan - Merry Christmas to you too! There are lots of borrowed views in the blog today - I'm lucky to live in an area so close to the lake with public access. Perhaps one day, I'll have my own lake view, but until then - will enjoy my favourite spots in Oakville with everyone else.

John said...

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easygardener said...

I'm hoping for Christmas snow but I know I'll be disappointed - the only white stuff I'll be seeing is on my Christmas cards.
The red berries look beautiful against the snow!

Barbarapc said...

John - thanks for that - will have a scoot over to check out your blog too.
E.G. The weather is always full of surprises - you just never know!

joco said...

Hiya Barbara,

Our comments on other pages nudge occasionally :-)

Heated driveway: we haven't even graduated to heated car-seats yet.

I enjoyed the snow scenes (from a safe distance) and lake Ontario looks like a grown-up sea.

Happy Xmas.