Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow yesterday, today and tomorrow

It was a fairly impressive snow storm - think we probably got about 30 centimeters - (a foot). Had to shovel 3 times during the storm. It was a real combination of ice, snow and sleet. At one point the snow was blowing horizontally - filling up the carefully dug out paths and drive.Very cool to watch from inside.Here's Kevin doing manly stuff - cleaning off the car. After it all stopped, you can see how any edges of the garden beds have completely disappeared. If it snows like that a couple more times, the only winter interest in the garden will be the Eastern White Pine.
So, in between shovelling, and Christmas stuff, did some baking for some of my favourite 4-legged doggie friends. My friend Joan gave me the recipe - and the idea for the shapes. Kevin came home - thought they were for him. Fortunately he took another good look at the shape and thought better of it - although, they do smell great when they're baking - organic flours, organic bacon fat, milk powder, egg & water.

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Glädjekällan said...

No snow here, just rain!
Whish You a White Lovely Christmas!