Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm as Blue as a Meconopsis betonicifolia

But not nearly as attractive. I've been holding my breath since Tuesday when we learned that Everald the Repair Man would be calling on Wednesday with news about the gorgeous, but thoroughly useless Dacor Preference Ovens. He did indeed call - and was scheduled to come between 11:00 and 1:00 today. Breath in and out. He has phoned again and will be here closer to 2:00 p.m.

My girlfriend Carrie bought me a box of lovely Lindt Dark chocolate as medicinal consolation for not being able to bake my own brownies when I truly need them most. Unfortunately, by the time I got home and discovered these little treasures, I found that the box was lighter by more than half - with only 4 chocolates remaining - courtesy of Kevin - who thought they were for both of us.

Yesterday, I refreshed my supply, gave Kevin his own Cream Egg ahead of Easter, and have hidden the rest. Am taking 2 a day so far. Although, as I get further into this book-keeping tax prep I may have to increase the dose to keep myself going. And, should that sugar fix not be enough, our good friend Lorne has given me a case of Kosher Coke (available only in a few neighbourhoods in the Toronto area during Passover) - this is the Coke that is made with sugar only - no corn products. What a blast from the past - could almost imagine that I was little again and was holding one of those little rippled bottles in my hand. Interesting though - we've shared with a number of people - and some can definitely tell the difference - others don't know what we're on about, hence the popularity of using corn products in so much of our processed food.

Light table growth moving along nicely - stuff needs to be transplanted, but am forcing myself to do tax stuff first. Just like everyone else, we've had several cold days - can you believe how depressing Lake Ontario looks? It was -12C with the windchill on Tuesday.
When I saw these little Winter Aconites at first I thought some sort of children's toy had been scattered about. They were frozen solid - could have shattered the blossoms just by tapping them with my finger.
However, today is much nicer and I've gone and cheated by buying some potted-up primula, pansies and daffs - stuck them in a pot and can see them from my kitchen window. So very cheerful and pretty.

Down in the back garden, Ivory Prince seems to be standing in a pool of discarded clothes.

Carex muskingumensis - one of my largest Carex - stands about 1 meter (3ft) high mid-summer is sending up nice strong new blades.

The seedheads of last year's clematis blossoms

And the promise of this year's leaves and flowers further down the stem:

Around on the edge of my dark garden, was absolutely thrilled to find blossoms on my Pieris. In spite of our weather, the cold, snow, rain - it really is miraculous.


Glädjekällan said...

From your photoes I can see that the Spring has arrived to you too.
Happy Eastern!

Kim and Victoria said...

Oh my, that is cold!!! Brrrr!
I love your "chocolate as medicinal consolation." Made me laugh. That is SO me!
Love the color you chose for your primula, looks similar to the ones I have growing, which haven't bloomed yet this year. I love their shocking neon-pink color.
Yes, that corn sweetener is everywhere, isn't it?

Gail said...

I am hoping that E has been and gone and you are on your way to baking your own snacks! Fantastic news about spring deciding to visit and perhaps hang around your garden! There is no stopping it...the clemmies and grasses have spoken! Have a delicious weekend in the kitchen! gail

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Those poor frozen flowers.It just had to thaw out and get into spring mode for you Barbara.
I love primula's. The colors are so rich and bright on some.It is not cheating, a gardener does what they must for color :-)

Peggy said...

Still cold here too,heavy rain for the past 2 days and more forecast for the weekend.Spring seems to peep out then decide its too eraly and disappear for another few days its playing havoc with planting anything in the garden.
Have a lovely holiday

Outside In said...

Spring is here finally, it's a great feeling when plants starts to pop out. Happy early Easter!

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, what a great title. Hope by now the Dacor is fixed and baking brownies to help get you through the tough times of tax prep. Those men, thinking stuff is to be shared with them. Hiding is the only way to handle that, hope Kev is not good at finding the hiding place. Your photos are wonderful and happy, even if you are stressed. We have that carex, is never gets that tall, about half that actually. Or maybe it would be if it wasn't so floppy. :-)

Barbee' said...

Wooh! That is one mean, cold looking lake! At least Spring is peeking through with the bits of life.

Northern Shade said...

The little butter yellow winter aconites are such a bright contrast to the fall leaves. Your Ivory Prince has so many buds on it, that it will look stunning when it blooms.

Barbarapc said...

Hope everyone had a great Easter.
K&V: Hoping that they'll transplant well - and I'll never buy that Coke again - I've become addicted - can hardly wait for my next glass..
Gail - and it just continues to get better - still cold but more little bits of green everywhere.
H.H. Those primulas were one of my best purchases ever - every morning when I come into the kitchen to make coffee - I just stand by the window and smile.
Peggy - do hope that things dry up very, very soon.
Cathy - and it shouldn't be long before I'm running around like a mad woman trying to keep up to everything that must all be done at once - can hardly wait!
Frances, thanks. Found a new hiding hole and ate my new stash myself - perfectly blissful. Interesting about the C. muskingumensis being floppy - although last year with all the rain, it wasn't as tall. Weather and soil have huge effects on plants.
Barbee - they're talking about warmer weather this w/e - maybe even 18 - into the 60s and a little rain - should make big changes to my photos.
N.S. Took off the bottom leaves & it looks even better. It really will be spectacular once it starts to bloom.