Friday, April 24, 2009

You Can Hear the Plants Grow

I've been out of commission for a brief while following a routine procedure. And, now after a week, I'm feeling that I'm well and truly on the mend and so grateful to be able to get back into the garden. (And of course finish off the income tax (ours due April 30th) - a task that fills me with unbridled joy and contentment.)

On the 21st crept outside to take a few shots. This is my front porch establishing shot - the one I refer back to year-to-year to see how the garden is progressing. The shot that follows the first was taken today - it's amazing what a drenching rain and a little warmth can do - quite miraculous.
This is a wee Dicentra culcularia after the rain. Not being able to get to these leaves was driving me mad earlier in the week - but when I look at this shot - reminder to self....this is a woodland plant and probably much happier unfurling its new shoots over a blanket of old leaves.
I was given this Fargesia 'Red Panda' to trial and was rather tough on it - this is the snow dump area (and I'm afraid probably a bit of salt). Came through the winter can I trust it not to spread too much?

So exciting to see these little tulips - the first of the year!

Polemonium caeruleum 'Snow and Sapphires' - very reliable variegated Jacob's Ladder in my garden - really like the pinky leaves in the spring.

I'm being self indulgent here - but am thrilled to have these plants back. Had purchased them many years ago from The Perennial Gardens in British Columbia and they had dwindled to nothing after two years - left the tags in -and was thrilled to see that they've sprouted again and are going to delight me with a few flowers. It's too bad that they don't mail order any more - in addition to having really terrific plants - look at how their tags stand up (second shot)!

H. 'Ivory Prince', again.

Epimedium is one of my favourite woodlanders.

A pale lime-green Cotinus that I stuck in a pot and winter over in the garage - mainly because of the pot, not the plant.

I thought the squirrels had eaten all of these flowering quince buds.....but look.
More little species tulips.

i Hepatica after the rain.

A very cool little crocus that I've managed to lose the tag for - have it right by the front step so I can see it when I come and go.

Abeliophyllum distichum - or White Forsythia - note how it's neither white, nor a forsythia - has a wonderful scent as well. Hopefully will have a day or two to work on a better shot. Colour representation is fairly accurate.

I was never a pink girl, but I've really come around. This smallish shrub is green for the rest of the summer, but there's lot's of other things going on here in this bed to compensate.

Anyway, it's back to the books - helped by my able assistant - the mighty Hercules. Fortunately his feet are quite big, so when he strolls across my computer keyboard he is unable to press any single key.

Comfy at last.


Outside In said...

Cute Cat! I Hope you mend fast there is too much beautiful flowers coming up, and trees budding.

easygardener said...

Everything in your garden is finally springing into life. I like Epimediums too - beautiful flowers and foliage. A value for money plant.
For some reason my cat finds sitting in front of the screen very appealing!

Barbarapc said...

OI & E.G.
Thank you. Hercules has been very chummy this past week - nothing like a warm body that doesn't move too much. The particular Epimedium really does spread nicely - lovely pale apricot flowers - hoping that it's at a good point to share with folks at our upcoming hort sale.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love that cat.
That is one pretty crocus. And the hellebores, nice.
Glad you're feeling a little better.

Peggy said...

Hi, welcome back and I am glad you are feeling much better and up and about again.Your garden is certainly waking up after the long winter.