Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Few Little Buds and Blossoms

I've been a little self-involved over the past few weeks - everything and anything but gardening - this weekend looks to be clear enough to get into the garden and make things right - out with the weeds and naughty volunteers. The Perilla that I had so coveted has gone mad. Actually, the madness was mine when I let it go to seed last year. Wish me luck. Starting to fear that the dark purple leaves will reach out and touch each other making the entire garden look like a big bruise.

It has been a very chilly spring. However, looking at my photos from last year, it would appear chilly springs are the norm. The garden is about where it was at this time last year. I'd been concerned about the Persicaria polymorpha - close-up below - because it had been nailed with salty snow c/o Oakville's winter road maintenance crews. While it was definitely slow to emerge - it now has caught up and is starting to bloom. If the giant blossoms that last forever weren't enough to make me adore this plant, the fact that it smells like buckwheat honey seals the deal.

Another lovely big perennial Eupatorium 'Gateway'. In the past, I've had problems with leaf miners. However, this year they'll have to move fast if they want to get their fair share, as the leaves....

are being devoured by some little creature with much better teeth:

I let my Allium go to seed (more madness - not the prettiest smell in the garden when I'm yanking out those I don't want). This is Allium nectaroscordum - he's jumped across the pathway and is starting to bloom.

Just a bit of a follow-up on the fancy Cornus alternifolia 'Golden Showers' - very dry for the last week or so - but doing alright - perhaps it's because the weather is more typical of April than of June lately.

So a shortish post for me - having the devil of a time after I updated my Internet Explorer to #8 - this is my third crack at a post over several days. When I'd tried to add more photos - it looked as if I was going to lose the lot. Also, Cathy thank you for the award, will scoot over when I can. Today is the first time I've been able to get into Blotanical for 5 days as well. Mercy.


Grace Peterson said...

Hi Barbara~~ Have you tried Firefox? My husband and kids swear by it. Much easier and bug free than Internet ExPLODER as my husband likes to call it.

I need to have that Persicaria. That's all there is to it.

Yes those lovely volunteers that seem to revel in mocking us for our inaction last summer and fall. This year I'm gathering all my seedling Verbena bonariensis and planting them in a few select areas. I haven't had this plant in my garden for five years and I'm still getting tons of seedlings. The alliums are the worst with their deep roots and pungency.

Love your wit--the garden looking like a giant bruise.

I hope the weather warms up. April is nice but only in April. It's not so nice in June.

easygardener said...

I don't mind Alliums seeding unless they are the invasive kind but I do find that the best seeders are always the plants you don't really want!
(BTW - I agree with Grace about Firefox being a good browser)

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara, we all seem to suffer internet problems from time to time and it is so frustrating. You are still having quite cold weather, our day time temps are not too bad now but at night they are still dropping and heating and a cardi is a must to sit and watch TV or read.

Kim and Victoria said...

I agree, give Firefox a try.
We have the same Eupatorium but ours never does very well. At least no one is eating it at the moment.

Teza said...

I, or should I say on behalf of a million or so customers, have been trying to source P. polymorpha to no avail. It is such a wonderful specimen plant, and your photo is absolutely captivating! I grow P. 'Painter's Palate,' much smaller with a wonderful burgundy chevron on each lead as well as the wandering P (fallopia japonica) variegatum 'Compactum' with the mikk splashed foliage and the red petioles! Eupatorium seems to be a favourite for the pesky chewers in the garden but is another stunning beauty! Supposedly sunny skies are on the horizon for next week! Happy gardening!

Gail said...

Hello Barbara~~I just noticed Purple Sensation has gone to seed. I could use a few more...

We've been having a lot of problems with chewing insects, too...I see the damage but can't find the culprits! Snails and slugs hide so well during the day~

I've seen perilla in the woodlands...only it is more green then aging bruise. Don't you think it smells great when you're ripping it out of the garden!

Have a good week..btw, I have a mac and surf with firefox. gail

Barbarapc said...

Thanks all for the advice on Firefox! Love the name "Exploder".
Grace - Verbena bonariensis is one that just doesn't self seed for me - although it's pretty, can imagine what a pain it is to have to yank it. The persicaria is a tough one to find - but well worth the search.
E.G. In my morning walk-about noticed that A. christophii has gone a bit mad - will definitely remove seeds this year - it's just on the verge of looking like I've purchased every bulb within a 400 mile radius.
Peggy - we've been promised 23C today...we'll see. I've only had shorts on once or twice - it's sweaters and trousers in the a.m. and p.m. for us as well.
K & V - this is the first year mine has spread beyond it's usual clump. The specimens that I see doing the best seem to get a tonne of water - something I'm not willing to provide (and I suspect a little insecticide - something I've never done).
Teza, P.p. is the ugliest plant in a pot - looks like a big ol weed. I got mine from Belinda Gallagher(now head of horticulture at RBG) from Triffids. She had been talking about a final blow-out sale - don't know if she's got the time - are you on her mailing list - she's always got a few on hand. Love P. 'Painters Pallet' as well - but do find it does self seed with a vengence.
Gail - do like the scent as well - tried to grow it for ornamental value and as a cooking herb - used in Asian cuisine - after my first try in the kitchen I decided I appreciated its beauty more than its flavour.