Monday, June 15, 2009

How many points are in a Viburnum lantana leaf?

This question isn't for me but for some visitors who have seemed to have lost their sense of portion control. Sort of like me and Smarties (the English and Canadian version of M&Ms) these days. I'm telling you now, if you're looking for beauty shots, you're not going to find them in this post. There are some very ugly things going on in the garden.

Here's just a small sample:

You remember how it was in the good old days, you'd plant something with great big furry leaves - and you'll be bug free!

Obviously the rules have changed.

Since when did these little fellows decide that my hirsute and beefy Salvia was something to suck on?

These bold buffet bugsters should be easy to find.....I'll just have to follow the sound of their bellies scraping the ground and their thighs rubbing together.

They didn't even have to fold the leaves in half and half again to make these pretty leaves look like doilies.
And I found my first lily beetles (shocking bright orange red beetles) yesterday - they had taken a brief break from eating to answer a booty call. I'm hear to report, that they died happy.
So, that's all for today - It's war. I'm out into the garden with hose on high and gloves on squish. Things will all be a little prettier tomorrow. I promise.


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oh, so sorry to see so many lacy leaves! Your humor shows--right down to your toes, ha ha! I have many area with some holy-areas, as well;-) I am mainly concerned, out of all the bugs, with the ticks. We have had way more than usual this year, with so much rain and shade, I guess. I'm not sure why, really. But everytime I go out now I'm really afraid i'm going to get a tick on me. I have lyme disease now-and it is putting a damper on how much time I feel safe in my garden. NOT the way I wanted to feel this summer, for sure!! Good luck with getting things back in shape and ridding your garden of those pests!

Kim and Victoria said...

OH my!
Somebody is eating at our Joe Pye and I'm not at all happy about it.

Teza said...

I just came in from watering, but now I think I am going to head out again and do a thorough inspection of the leafs and stems of the 'children!' I have three Salvia plants just ready to bloom and would hate to lose them to insatiably gluttonous insects! I hope your efforts pay off!

Gail said...

This must be the bugs' summer of revenge on gardeners...the bugs are everywhere and eating their hearts out! I did notice that there were aphids all over a goldenrod and none anywhere near the pretties that are blooming now. I must thank the GR! Good luck I know you can get them under control! gail

Glädjekällan said...

I can understand that your are out, fighting for your plants.

easygardener said...

It's the mystery holes that get me annoyed - no sign of the culprits yet the chomping goes on. At least your lacy leaves look pretty (not that it is much of a consolation):-)

Barbarapc said...

Jan - that sounds ghastly - hope you're on the mend soon. The only thing we have to watch for are the mosquitoes and West Nile - and no reports this season so far. We gardeners certainly are main of sturdy stuff.
K&V - I feel your pain.
Teza, was out again today - and I'm past putting on the gloves - think I horrified some walkers as I fixed the little creatures in my sights and squished away.
Gail, now that's a first I've never seen them on GR before. Let's hear it for the native bugs eating the plants they are supposed to eat.
Birgitta - the fight goes on.
E.G. I've got an Inula that I'm tempted to camp out with overnight just so I can see them in action. Maybe one of these nights when I'm not sleeping - I'll just go out there with a flashlight and see what I can find.