Monday, December 14, 2009

The Christmas Fairies are Having Their Fun

Well, if it's getting close to Christmas, it must be time for the fancy Dacor ovens to go on the fritz. Yes, for those following my misadventures for a while, you'll remember that last year, these ovens turned themselves on and cleaned themselves all on their own, frying the mother-board which took weeks to replace. This time, just the top oven has died - probably the marathon baking session with Norma yesterday - it's message is "U22 OVER TEMP". So now my oven is having its own little hot flashes? Fortunately the second oven is working just fine, and I've got a type of biscotti/cracker in the oven that was cut from a date/Brazil nut loaf I made yesterday. Almost went mad trying to get 80 slices out of a 9x5" loaf. Perhaps a first and last time for this recipe.

And it appears that Bart is possessed as well. When we took my mother-in-law out for dinner, he busied himself, letting himself out of his crate and then taking Kevin's size 15 shoes and organizing them in parallel fashion throughout the house - here's his work on the edge of the dining room. They are facing North East. Whatever could it mean?

The day is dull, so I'm reaching back to some photos from the end of November - one of those days of fog and frost. Look how Lake Ontario just melts into the horizon.

This lovely creature was visiting with the Canada Geese? Could this be a white Canada Goose?

We don't get a lot of photographic frost in this neck of the woods, so I was delighted to go outside to find that there was some photo-worthy ice. Here's a ground covering evergreen.

Some fuzzywuzzy geraniums.

Gallium odorata.

Can't remember.

Heuchera 'Palace Purple'.

I think the geranium look the best because they've got the little hairs on their leaves for Jack to paint on.

I'm thinking that is a Symphyandra - at least it was in the spot where I planted the Symphyandra.

More of the fuzzy geranium.
What a great colour of red - and so long lasting. This is a maroon berberis with a lime edge. Frankly I think Fall - and especially late fall is its best season.

Mahonia aquifolium that I grew from seed. It's going into the winter in great shape. With any luck I won't lose too many leaves over the winter.

Hopefully by my next post, all will be well: The snow will be falling gently; the ovens will be repaired; and I will have figured out what Bart was trying to tell me last week.


Gail said...

I can't believe they are acting up again. It seemed like months waiting for your ovens to be repaired last year. The only thing good about it were your really funny posts! Sorry they are not working again.

I cannot even guess about Bart! But if he gets too bored you all need to stop by for a visit, I will have the squirrel's bungee set up and he can have fun watching them. gail

Barbarapc said...

It's amazing how much you depend on something once you become accustomed to it. I'm really spoiled having the two ovens - really speeds things up. Haven't heard from my repair guys yet....oh well, the smell of baking cookies should calm me down.
Bart would be absolutely enchanted - can imagine the bounce of the squirrels mirrored by the bounce of Bart. Such fun.

fairegarden said...

How funny! There surely must be hidden meaning to the shoe line up, deciphering needed! Where is that dog whisperer? The oven is a sad thing, I do remember your foibles from last year. Your frost pics are wonderful. Last year we had so much hoarfrost and photo ops that I got bored with them. This year, zip, zero, nada. Your fairy ice cube clemmie in the last post made me gasp with delight! :-0


Barbarapc said...

Frances - I was the same way with the coloured leaves last year - and now am kicking myself for not working harder at capturing different varieties of trees for my library. I would have missed those little ice cubes if I hadn't been out taking shots. Always find I see so much more when I have my camera in my hand.

Kim and Victoria said...

Your frost pictures are just lovely!