Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where's George?

Well, as much as we did have snow, you'll see that George won't be able to hide under a snowbank - there are none. George is my new friend from the appliance repair company who is going to fix my fancy ovens - between 12:00 and 2:00 - no doubt he'll be here just in time for a late lunch.

The sun is shining now, but this a.m., even with the snow I felt I'd be better off with a miner's helmet. I always find it amazing how almost overnight we can go from fall technicolour to black, white and beige. No wonder we all go mad with sparkly Christmas ornaments and carbohydrates.

Found this dear creature blooming today. I'd never seen a Hamamelis blooming here at this time of year. Not the most sensible of things to do when it's -13C with the windchill. I could have tapped the petals and they would have shattered.

Lots of birds flocked together in the bay. All of them seemed to have something to say.

Same spot, but yesterday at the same time. The smidgen of colour on the horizon - and of course the swans make all the difference.

And, back to my bugaboo of the moment. More burlapping - was there a sale? These yews are hardy to two Zones less than where they are growing. They are also very old and very green & they've never been burlapped. Are these maintenance companies making up things to do?
Here are the nice green yews....

And here's about 160 feet of fancy burlapping. Notice how nicely the wrought fence stands out.

Not as tidy, but certainly just as effective. Here's a pretty property on the lake. Notice how nicely the brown in the burlap coordinates with the stucco.

And, with this post I promise no more burlap photos. Instead, maybe I'll enclose a photo of George, should he ever arrive.


easygardener said...

I hope George arrived.
There must be a giant burlap factory somewhere. Perhaps the subliminal message is - 'I have something so wonderful in my garden I have to have it professionally wrapped for winter'!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara~~ Oh no. Please. Keep the bungled burlap bugaboo photos coming. They're very entertaining. This one looks like a job site--very unfinished, like a backhoe or trench digger is just up the street, chugging ever closer to wreak [more] havoc. Come to think of it, did you check behind the burlap to see if George is there with the maintenance crew?

I like the idea that the darkness of the season is what causes our need for Christmas carbohydrates.

Gail said...

I've only read about the burlap wrapped shrubs...We practice draping here in the middle south. When we don't want an early frost to take out our spring bloom or fall flowers we drape them with blankets and sheets! It works for over night.

I think a few strategically placed bows and ribbon and you can have a nice looking holiday package.

Did George arrive? Are the ovens working? I might want to stop by for cookies...I think you were all set to bake when the oven stopped you! gail

Kim and Victoria said...

Burlaping, huh? Well, they're doing their part to keep unemployment down.

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara,I see the snow has arrived in your part of the world! I cannot believe you are experiencing oven problems again and at this time of year too.I hope george made it by now and has fixed it?
A very happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours.

Steven Wiseman said...
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FREE FONT said...
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Barbarapc said...

EG - That's a giggle. And, it looks like folks now have a series case of hedge-wrap envy....afterall, if their hedge is so fabulous it needs to be wrapped, mine should be wrapped as well.
Grace - Good idea about where George may be hiding....and with that gentle nudge, I promise, more burlap photos.
Gail, I have some photos of some fancy burlapping to show you. Would love the company - will even go out and bring pastries in - just let me know when you'll be by!
K & V - I think it's because the snow has come so late - generally the summer maintenance fellows strap a plow on the front of their trucks and are up to their eyeballs in driveways - it must be busy work.
Peggy,Thank you & I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday as well.