Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Ovens Are Fixed and Fabulous Once Again

Just a quick note here - for those of you who have been following the Dacor Preference Oven saga - it has come to a splendid conclusion. Dacor in California read my blog, sent parts to George in Ontario Canada, who then brought boxes and boxes of new parts to my house and presto/chango after 2.5 hours of rebuilding and installing - I have an oven that is once again turning out wonderful meals. So to counteract all that baking I've been doing, Kevin & I went on an adventure. We didn't end up where we thought we would on that Sunday afternoon, but had a great time anyway. There's a small town/village that you can see going eastbound on the QEW/403 before you get to the Royal Botanical Garden. As you zip by at 100K, it looks like Whoville & Kevin decided he was going to see if he could figure out how to get there using the force, the pull of the tide and keen intuition. It seems we'll have to try another day - but what we did find was the Smokey Hollow trail which is part of the Bruce Trail - Canada's longest and oldest footpath (800+ kilometers).

Never mind the StairMaster - lots of ups and downs - and great views of the creek below. You can really see how little snow we've had this year. I bet normally this pathway would be impossible to use.
Bits of outcrop rock here and there.

If you want to know a little more, here's the handy information sign.

Here's another snow bereft photo - the white on the other side of the valley are icicles.

Very cool to see the water rushing along and over the ice - hard to see where it becomes ice and where it is water in this photo.

Now normally, most folks would be happy to just stay up on the trail and observation deck. That is unless you belong to a photography club, in which case, there isn't a photo that isn't worth risking life or limb. How deep could the water be anyway?

And just one more for good measure before we left for home. Sometimes it's more fun getting lost and finding something new.


Teza said...


So happy to hear that once again the oven is churning out tasty, appetizing meals.... the perfect precursor for your wonderful hikes. Such beautiful scenery. The falls. The surprising lack of snow. All make for wonderful easier hiking and stunning photos.

Happy to see that you have a rather prolific Blogroll, and I suspect you have Google Reader.... suddenly both are shed in a new and positive light. I was ready a week ago to condense and minimalize my sidebar. I am now rethinking.

Barbarapc said...

Teza, when I first joined Blotanical there were glitches all the time - so this way I was able to visit other blogs easily, and I must admit when I'm pressed for time, I'll just see who's writing that day and go for a visit. Who knew I'd be relying on it these days?

Gail said...

Barbara...The ice photos are incredible...and adventuring with kevin sounds like a lot of fun. Good news about the ovens and how serendipitous that Dacor scans blogs looking for mention! I am thrilled that george is now a distant memory! gail

Laura Gardens in Desert said...

What a beautiful trek! I am glad you left the beaten path. Thanks for the icey pictures.