Friday, February 5, 2010

This is my Brain on Numbers

So, the sun came out. I took a few shots. Dumped them on the computer and decided that I had one or two subjects that deserved a bit more work. Rather than do it right there and then - I started to work on the hideous pile of receipts in advance of handing everything off to our sainted accountant for our Income Tax. As I've mentioned before, my personal idea of hell would be me in a room with an adding machine and an endless stack of receipts that needed totalling.

So, long and short of it - didn't get back outside to do a couple of do-overs - but I found the perfect representation of what happens when I spend too much time on my computer doing numbers.....look how the brain cells are falling away from the central core. The two hemispheres are virtually indistinguishable.

I remember this moment well. The adding machine total and the Excel spreadsheet totals didn't agree - no matter how hard I smacked them.

And then I realized that all my brains had fallen out my ears and that the sun had gone down and it was time to open that bottle of wine that I was saving for Friday.....

Much better now.
And so, here are a few more bits from the garden - the Limelight hydrangea - notice how thin the flowers are compared with PeeGee below. Still very pretty.

This is the most determined Gaillardia I've ever grown - can you believe it's still holding its colour considering all the cold and snow?
Wonder if I could train it to do the books?


Teza said...

I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one prone to moments as astutely captured by your lens in the first two photos. I was trying to add video to my sidebar.... sweet Jesus, you'd think I'd never blogged before! I can practically feel the fuzz smothering what brain cells remain. It has warmed up here a wee bit but still all is covered beneath a blanket of snow.

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Barbara~~ Would you believe I was tallying receipts today so my hubby could begin to tackle the taxes this weekend? How uncanny is that? Numbers are not my thing.

I was at a doctor's office today also and as I waited I wondered whether I could sit in front of a computer all day, ahem... and WORK in a place with no windows. Probably if I had to but it wouldn't be my first choice. Nice photos. There is beauty in every season but spring can't get here quickly enough.

Carol said...

Barbara, I too feel my brain is fuzzy when doing the numbers ... right now all spread out on a large table! Waiting for my fingers to tip tap... I am very happy when it is all over and there is a total to smile about. I love the fluff ... it's softness and free disposition. Nice photos!

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

Thanks for sharing a beautiful collection of pictures.

Gail said...

An absolutely perfect Barbara post! Funny with delicious photos! gail

Kim and Victoria said...

I love your brain falling out and being "cured" with wine. That must be why I enjoy wine so much!

Lovely pics.

Muhammad khabbab said...

lovely shot. I agree with teza about the first 2 pics.

Barbarapc said...

Thank you all for making me feel like I'm not the only one who is number-challenged. Teza - isn't it maddening when things don't work just the way you want them to. Grace& Carol - I feel your pain - must be that time of year. Won't it be grand when we're done.AGG - thank you. I'll be glad when I'm putting in photos that are green - but this will have to do for the moment. K&V - I can just feel all those little bits being realigned with that first sip of grapey sunshine.
m.k. thanks.