Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Short is My Memory?

Almost the last day of April. Hardly any blogging and blog visiting (blisiting?) this month. Working like a little worker bee in the garden. Today, decided I definitely wanted to do a little bit of posting before I dip my little toe into the hell of financial analysis and 20 page spreadsheet for Kevin's newsletter. Going through the photos deciding what to show, I was completely gobsmacked to see just how far my garden (and the neighbourhood) had come in a month. Hard to believe on April 2nd this is what I saw from my front pathway.

And this is what I saw today. The dead bed above is the very same green bed to the right of the blue tarp. It is truly remarkable the changes in less than 30 days and how quickly I forgot how far it has all come. We must be at least 10-14 days ahead of any other year this spring.

On Saturday we went down to the rummage sale at St. Judes - poor Kevin felt he'd been misled on the purpose for our walk - thought the rummage sale had a bake sale too - beat a hasty retreat when he realized there'd be no muffins or squares with gooey icing for him. I didn't find anything either, but did get this garden photo of a home that's across from the church.

George's Square on Trafalgar Road is under construction redoing the WWI&WWII monuments - here are some great daffs the town planted at the entry to the square.

The saucer magnolias are out - such a lovely sight. I'd love to have a picnic with the petals.

It's a boon for the makers of Claritin - everything is out at the same time. A boring street sign is transformed.
My favourite quince - the others are just a bit too fire-enginey for me.

A clematis having a good stretch.

Dicentra culcullaria by the front step.

Pulsatilla vulgaris looking very rock-starish.

You can't have too many saucers in a post.

And why, when one ivy plant does this.....

would you plant 50 of them?

I wonder if I should tell the occupants to move out now while they still can......?


Gail said...

Barbara, Spring has sprung in your part of the world! Your street and garden look so inviting...I can see that it would be a lovely place to walk and discover a rummage sale! Bloggers show their tag/garage sale finds all the time~I never find anything! and, Isn't that house fantastic! Love the fence.

FG mag showed a garden that was lovely, but the gardeners had planted ivy on their beautiful stone wall! For shame; in the blink of an eye it will be everywhere in their garden!

Do take frequent garden breaks while you are emerged in financials!


Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

The joys of Candada, everything comes out so quickly and all at once. When I loved in England the temperature hardly changed from day to day, blooms lasted forever.

Northern Shade said...

I love the spring transformation, from barren to lush. The blooms of the saucer magnolia make a wonderful pink wall.

It looks like an ivy race to the top of the wall, ready, set, dominate.

MWebster said...

Beautiful. The blooming trees are just showstopping. Spring is definitely my favorite season.

Barry said...

The Mags are stunning. It has been an incredibly hasty Spring here in Ontario for sure. I was shocked to see how far along some things are, while others have yet to make an appearance.
I too find it amazing how many Ivy plants a gardener thinks they need to cover a wall...... a friendly warning is in order! Hope the garden is keeping you in smiles.....

Glädjekällan said...

Loveley photoes! Spring is a busy time.

Barbarapc said...

Gail, I intend to sneak out and do as much in the garden as I can. The neighbourhood just looks like something out of a fantasy - so very pretty with all the trees in limey leaf.
Deborah - this is what I heard - how things will last and last - must be quite a shock for you. Heck, it's even a shock for me when I see just how quickly everything changed. Kevin & I are going on a garden tour to England this summer and are soo excited - it's our first time there.
n.s. Once I've got the major cleanup done - I absolutely relish this time of year and can't imagine ever living anywhere else. So looking forward to keeping track of the ivy race.
MWebster - I find it hard to choose at times - but the combination of the cooler weather and the riot of colours this year certainly makes me think that this has to be one of my favourite springs ever.
Barry - I've been puzzling over some of the plants that have yet to put on a show - wonder if they might be daylight sensitive rather than temperature?
B. - it certainly is. But such a glorious time to be out in the garden, I hardly notice the time going by.