Friday, April 30, 2010

A Short Swish About the Back Garden

I'm in the process of setting things up at the moment in the back garden. It really hasn't been warm enough to sit on the patio just yet. My sitting outside has been on the back deck where we're sheltered somewhat.

As you can see there are some bits of green happening here that Bart hasn't run over, hopped on or eaten.
Will try for a better shot - this was a rescued trillium - I dug out a good clump in advance of the heavy machinery. Is it still garden larceny if it's for good rather than evil?

Bring on the carbohydrates - Hosta Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. The first hosta up and open.

I had re-paired this lovely little dicentra with Brunnera 'Jack Frost' (take out magnifying glass and look just to the right of the bright green plant). Lost one last year. I guess I should be glad it's not dead, but geeze, not exactly the effect I was going for.

An old primula that I'd started from seed many years ago.

Many of the Carex have started to bloom - quite curious looking.

The whole plant is about the size of my two hands together.

Ompahlodes verna. Good dependable plant that spreads and is blue - what's not to like?

Anyone else find this is a bit Judy Chicago-ish? Saruma henryi about to bloom.

Now, here's the shot they put in the catalogue - Viola 'Freckles'. So cute, so freckly....

And so otherwise dull and boring, but heck. It does have the cutest little flowers and if you're into doing tiny bouquets, it is absolutely darling.
I cannot believe the clematis are this far along. Here's one all budded and ready to go.

It would seem that not only the flowers are early - the insects have begun some of their work.

I didn't even have to make this introduction. Sometimes folks just seem to know when they've found a friend.

I suppose if you don't like orangey sorts of flowers - this wouldn't be your cup of tea - but for me. It is one of my favourite plants and flowers - and best of all, it came with the house.


Barry said...

How wonderful to see your Saruma ready to bloom - one of my alltime faves. I also love the true blue of the Omphalodes, but have never had any luck with it in my garden.
Your Hosta looks so healthy...... my H. nigrescens is in the midst of unfurling, but H. 'Ice Prancer' has lost round one with the damned slugs! Must make sure that my Veratrum is not next or there will be hell to pay in Teza's Garden! Glad to see your garden performing its heart out.... been a great season thus far!

Northern Shade said...

Do you think that the Hosta is early because it got a warmer spot, or because Pineapple Upsidedown Cake is a natural fast starter? My Hosta are still napping, so it would be interesting to find some early rising Hosta.

I like the foliage on the Dicentra, and the deep coloured flowers.

Gail said...

I did get my magnifying glass out to see Jack! Don't you hate it when our plans don't work out and we invested some dollars in it. Maybe pulmonaria would be a better match? I am loving carex these days...the natives aren't bad looking. I looked at Labrador violets and thought~geeze in my garden they would be lost! Are you in danger of frosting? gail

Barbarapc said...

Barry, it has been a great season so far - so hope we get the forecasted rain. I'd heard that the Saruma was invasive - it's been 15 years in the garden and only this year do I have some volunteers - you wonder why? the cooler/wetter summer last year/the easier winter/no St. Bernard sleeping in that area?
N.S. I have about 80 different Hosta varieties and Upsidedown Cake is the fastest of them all. Great chartreusey leaves all summer and very sword like shape - one of my all-time favs.
Gail - yes, our all clear day is May 10th here - very weird spring - we didn't dip below freezing for all of April. This is why everything is so far ahead. I agree, those Labrador Violets would be shreaking to be heard above the PPPPs.

Knatolee said...

I can't believe your clematis are budding! I should go check my own. Spring is so early this year.

Chris said...

What a wonderful post and pictures! I shared it with our followers ( I hope you will check out and consider sharing there as well!

Barbarapc said...

Knatolee - hard to believe - everything is so soon. Wonder if your snow might have kicked things back just a notch?
Chris - thanks - looking forward to visiting your site and having a look around.

sweet bay said...

I love the 'Freckles' Viola, so charming.