Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Environment Canada Promises Rain Tonight

Was a run and shoot kind of morning. Kevin needed the camera for one of his new listings so I had to grab a few shots; empty the camera; reformat the disk; redo the settings and hope for the best when I downloaded the shots.

I really appreciate this little plant - Dicentra ochroleuca. In one of the dryer areas and still looking fresh as a daisy with lots of blossoms to come.
Got a bit more of the compost scattered around yesterday afternoon. I'm a little worse off - but the garden is looking happier with the lovely dark nutrient filled soil around the perennials and bushes.
Viburnum lantana. I'll work on a better shot tomorrow. The cool thing is that when you look at the blossoms from the side, the little sticks of pollen are quite evident...

From this angle it almost looks as if they're floating over the flowers.
The first Aguilegia in bloom - a mutated seedling from something I grew from seed years ago.

I like my Hosta to cover my tulip leaves. Hosta montana macrophylla takes his job very seriously - the tulips are about 12" high. I gave him a drink yesterday - looking much happier than his photo yesterday.

Now, this is a bare spot. At least it looks that way now. But, by this afternoon I hope to have it filled with something pretty from the Toronto Botanical Gardens members-only preview sale.

Cute little evergreen that I dumped compost on, rather than scattering it around - getting a bit lazy. Very sorry Mr. Picea pungens 'Montgomery'.

And a last shot from this a.m. However, not as exciting as yesterday afternoon.

Now, I call that a plant!

Soon as the traffic clears - I'm on my way to the TBG. Alas, no flatbed truck, just my Honda CRV that's waiting to be filled.


Northern Shade said...

I like the corrugated Hosta leaves, so lush (after a watering). They make a great coverup for the bulbs foliage.

Have fun looking for interesting finds at the Toronto Botanical Gardens sale.

Barbarapc said...

Found out about an even bigger Hosta today called Empress Wu - and judging by the size description it should be called Wu-hoo - it's enormous....just thinking what I'll be able to cover up with one of those. Sale was lovely, but settled on just annuals - those I won't be able to find anywhere else.

sweet bay said...

Your yard is looking lovely. Beautiful shots of the Viburnum. I really like the Dicentra and those are some leaves on the hosta -- those will cover up the tulip foliage for sure!