Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So very thirsty

I cannot remember a spring as dry and as hot as this one. The colours are so vibrant - things that don't necessarily bloom at the same time are providing us with a cacophony of petal metal.

Before I show you just how dry things are here - thought I'd start the day with a few beauty shots. You know we could all start a category of photos called - plants that photograph blue, but aren't. Here's a Polemonium I grew from seed from Stokes a few years ago. I think it fits perfectly into the I'm blue, but not really category. In person, my eyes see it as a soft blue-purple. And some of the pretty tulips that were sent by Dugald at Garden Import to try - quite lovely.....now if those squirrels would just return the tags.

I am so curious to see what this one is going to look like.
Carex 'Bowles Golden' (typed and almost didn't spot an unfortunate typing goof of 'Bowels Golden') - not very nice, for a most worthwhile smallish grass.

My blossoms on black velvet photo for the day - the first Trollius in bloom. Kevin's favourite flower.

Mr. Fly taking a bit of a rest - waiting for his close-up.

Every now and then I forget to give you an establishing shot so you can see how the garden is coming along. Here's what it looks like now. Not sure if you can see or not - but the soil is just parched.
This was taken on my walk - looks very pretty - but that wee creek should be full of water, not a dribble that is choked with algae....maybe some of us didn't get the hold back on the chemical fertilizer message? I only water when I really have to - and this poor 'Blue Ensign' is showing me that I really have to.

Even in my office I can hear this poor Hosta scream for water.

Interesting to see what doesn't seem to care about the amount of water....this Japanese tree peony looks just fine.

And the loud and brassy Quince looks a.o.k. too.

If there's a brighter colour of orange in the flower world.....I don't think I've ever seen it. At least not at this time of year.
So it's out to play with the hose to rescue those poor little soldiers lying in the dirt.


Grace Peterson said...

I'm doing a rain dance for you right now. Not really but you're in my thoughts. I love the polemonium from seed. Nice going! All your blossoms are faring quite well despite weather.

Randy and Jamie said...

This really has been a dry spring... I hope you get some rain soon. We finally got a little yesterday. -- Randy

Barry said...

Indeed. I am frightened as to what July and August are going to be like for precipitation. I just now came in from watering the garden. The Polemonium is a wonderful shade of 'I think I'm blue, and you agree with me don't you?' I always consider this to be one of the best genera for giving blue photo ops!

Barbarapc said...

Grace, things do look really pretty now - but doing my weeding yesterday - the weeds were coming up bare rooted in my sandy soil. The sand-dust was everywhere. However, hope springs eternal - environment Canada promises a thunderstorm this evening.
R&J - still nothing, but I'm getting good exercise doing my hand watering.
Barry - Absolutely! What do you suppose it is about that plant - I figured there must be a red in its leaves that just aren't recognized by the camera. I know that I've practically given up taking pictures of red roses up close - because they're never what you see in person.